Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beee careful hon!!! or- when bobvila takes on the hive

Helloooo HANDSOME!
isnt my man gorgeous? I know you are all so jealous..hes mine ALLLL mine and boy do I love him.
He is a friend to all big and small..captain of the do gooders but dont mess with Texas if your wrong, (in his eyes) he will certainly LET.YOU.KNOW..
(trust me, oh yes)
As you can see, hes parked his fine ass at my shop in the pretty yellow armless, he came for a visit before returning to the house on the corner, where I am sure there are waterfights and dirty dishes..along with dirty laundry..dont forget the laundry.
did I tell you that BobVila loves to help out???Especially when it comes to being neighborly..
Heres Doug and BobV. Remember how I told you that I grew up in my hood. Well Doug here has 3 kids, and we use to walk to school with those kids every darn day of elementary school. So, Doug and I go WAAAAAY back. I love the family. The kids grew up to be 2 Elementary school teachers and one policeman, and yes they all are living in our home town.
lets get back to the story here. See those smiles, its a funny thing how men (boys grown up) get when they are about to do something--something a little dangerous..and heres another, much fuzzier photo of the 2 boys, I was nervous, sorry....and another nervous shot...

Then BV calls out to his wife.."honey, stay away..and dont let the kids out of the house.." this is where I think Im going to get a bee sting, or worse, my man getting ALL stung up in there...

(isnt he handsome!!!!) being all bossy.. Then with his stealth like Marine corps skills he swoops in with the ever handy trowel..A tool of the devil, I know that trowel well, remember the drywalling at the coastal nest. I curse that trowel..trowel be dammed. oh..back to the story..
black garbage bag in hand and hood up, gloves on. guess what.The whole incident took about 3 last scrape with that ugly trowel and voila..its all in the bag.
WASPS in the hood?
not on BobVilas watch. "Just helpin out" he says..
what a man I have
(and only got one sting to the back of the head)
the end


Michelle said...

Yea, BV! Way to be a hero!

Sarah said...

What a man that BV is- you lucky girl! Ain't it nice to have handy hubbies???

Timi said...

aaaaaaaaaaah your so lucky! I just had a conversation with The Hubs about ants. The fact that ants crawling through the bathroom isn't as disturbing to me as the fact that it dosen't seem to bother him that ants are making a hwy in the bathroom. I need Bob as a neighbor!

Poison Girl said...

You are one lucky lady. What a stud muffin. I know he is all yours, thank goodness I have Ville.