Saturday, June 14, 2008

a matter of stack..

Love it, love it love it..

how great is it that the stacking of dishes is now the new "look"

the exposed allure of a bunch of dishes really is a wonderful thing.

keeping it simple, just simple!

Love it.

can you tell which photo is me? Sure you can.

have a great weekend!


Laurie Anne said...

Gotta be da green :0)

Sarah said...

Ummm the green? LOVE IT!!!

Mrs. G. said...

The two of us could have a dish off.


The green??? don't keep us in suspense.. I just gotta know!!!!

Lisa said...

Okay, okay... you all are right. Its the green. What gave me away? The so unprofessional photo? The lack of "cohesion???" what? Or, do you simply know me so well youve seen that green photo on the ol blog before...
you girls are good.. real good.
Thanks for playin..