Saturday, June 14, 2008

A man among men..

Happy Fathers DayI purely cannot believe how time flies,
seems like this lil girl in the hands of my Father just was born from me.
Does he feel the same? Does it seem that he was just holding me?
I am so blessed to have this great man as my Dad.
I could go on and on.
Im just happy to say
Im glad you got me, I am sure I have been more than you bargained for, more than one time in our lives. For some of those things, I do regret, too. Thank you for doing everything right. Making our family with mom and you such a wonderful place to grow up in. You are a treasure in our lives, more than you will ever know!
The big picture is
I love ya- love ya- love ya!
your the greatest.
Happy Fathers Day Dad!


Kathleen said...

Hi Lisa - It's Kathleen from

I have tagged you with a questionaire to fill out so we can get to know you better. I hope you don't mind. You can see my site for my first posting on Sunday, June 15th for the questions.

I meant to tell you I also have a small collection of white cow creamers, butter dish etc. out at my Bandon Cottage.

TraceyTreasure said...

Beautiful tribute. He's very lucky to have a daughter like you! Happy Day to your hubby and dad! Hugs!