Monday, June 16, 2008

A tag..5 things about me..zzzzzzzzzz

I got tagged by a fellow blogger that was interested in me. Sorry to say this is it. White bread, early to bed, carpooling happy mamas life..But hey, things could change..if so- Youll be the first to know.

1) Where were you 10 years ago? Ten years ago, today. Hmmmm. I believe that I was happily puttering around my house, probably doting on my little baby boy I had, who is now 11. We have not left the town that steve and I grew up in. We love it here and only live about 10 houses away from my family home I grew up in (my mom and dad still live there)

2) Five items on your to-do list today.
Lordy.. Brush teeth, get kids to school-hopefully not any tardys.

get the house in fairly decent order

get to work before 11

read a book or two to my tots

make a decent dinner for all of us..which is probably 3-4 days a week.

3) Snacks I enjoy - love wasabi peas, chips and a good dip-especially with a nice cold beer or 2.

a great pepperoni stick from the Oly farmers market, and the best popcorn from the popcorn shop in my town.

4) What would you do if you were a billionaire?

Im really not sure on that one, I think if I was a millionaire would have been a better answer, because billion??? whats that.. If I were a millionaire, I would definately pay off all our bills, make sure my mini peeps would have all the schooling they would ever need (yes, we are working on that savings account, but you know how it is) I would never ever sell the coastal nest beach house, but would put in a pool!!! and an extra bedroom for guests. I would definately sleep better at night, knowing that I dont have to worry about $$$$.

5) Places I would live: I would live right where I am, and out at the beach. Possibly might have a little house near a lake that was clean andhad fairly warm water so the kids could have a good time at with all their friends and cousins.

6) 5 Bloggers I'm passing the challenge onto:

Im really open to that, if you would like, please post away. Let me know! Id love to hear all about you..thanks, sorry Im not very exciting..simple girl, simple needs, simple life. Well, kinda simple.


Kathleen said...

Hey girlfriend your life isn't as boring as you make out. I only have cats I can't imagine taking care of three kids. I get exhausted going to the coast just twice a month with no kids. Plus you have two beautiful houses. My coastal house isn't anywhere near decorated as pretty as yours (not yet anyway).

I wanted to ask what did you do with the bathroom. I'm keeping my old clawfoot tub. In the process of refinishing it now.

Thanks for sharing


You are a busy Mamma!!! If I were a millionaire I would buy a Beach Cottage and have you be my fixer-upper/decorater and I would buy yoursfor YOU to enjoy!!!
Have a great day!!! I love peeking into the other side of the country!!

Sarah said...




Martha said...

You'd need a GUEST COTTAGE at the cottage.

For all of your internet peeps.