Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Halls of JUSTICE..(or, the big MEETING)

Here we are, my friends...
The law offices of him, her and the other dude..(oh, yes..they are good REAL good)
They have this statue here..Blind Justice-I believe is her name.
Nice figure shes got, huh? its very official here, and Northwesty (note Indian art in mirror)
This is my kind of art.."And Justice For ALL"
Its got little cute paintings of all kinds of people from all walks of life.
I think I see a little red headed shop keeper and her ever faithful and handsome husband, oh- and all her kids there. Yes, look closely they are there, somewhere.Back to the official, stiff office. Get a load of this piece of furniture in the lobby.
Holy Guacamole! The carvings are, can I say, about as ostentatious (did I spell that right?)
as they come, It screams,
I am a serious-o.
And I mean business.

Here we are, shhhhhh. Things are about to get very stiff in here.

although, this is "our team"

left to right..(although I am sitting there(right hand woman next to Red Headed shop keeper)

ha ha, you cant see me (or sister, sitting to my right hand)

Mom, Dad, Atty man (oh, and hottie) Brad, my big tall brother, our wonderful contractor Jeff, and our small town insurance gal (who really is kind of in over her head) but shes got a good heart-I think

CONTENTIOUS (didispellthatright?)

to say the least.

ACCUSATORY (didispellthatright?)

and totally LONG and FRUSTRATING!!

can you say 6 hours in here.

at certain times, my knees were shaking, and my hands were so sweaty I had to start a deep breathing technique I used to deliver babies with. A certain steak necked insurance man and his right hand man were trying (and did) call my dad a so many words.

Which If you knew him, that's about the farthest thing from that man-EVER.

Saying that we didn't properly take care of our beloved building, that we didn't allow certain "things" to take place. Like it was our fault!

we got nowhere.

-and the saga of Grand Heron continues...ugh


PLO said...

All I get is a rock on? That is the shortest post you ever left...I am sobbing. I am sorry about the lawyers, chick pea. I am breaking into a sweat just thinking of sitting in an attorney's office. How can you prevent building damage from an act of GOD? Seriously.

Martha said...

So - is this just a preliminary thing? Are the two sides hammering things out in hopes Grand Heron won't take the deadbeat insurance company to court?

What was the insurance company we all need to avoid? What does it rhyme with (ha haa...:)???

Sarah said...

Dude. I would be shaking in my boots. I hate that kind of stuff. I am sending "kick their ass" vibes straight to the great NW!

Traceytreasure said...

All I can do (besides shake my head) is cross my fingers and hope that you all receive some REAL justice. That's what I'm hoping for. You all seem like such a wonderfully close and sweet family. Just know that I'm thinking about you all. Best wishes for a good outcome to all of this. Hugs!

Michelle said...

It's so frustrating how much these big insurance companies with all their money can screw people over by denying them the drop in the bucket that's rightfully theirs. I, too, am sending "kick their ass" vibes.

Bristol said...

What a crock of ...... butter. The attorneys will hammer it out. Insurance companies I swear try to see what they can get by with. Your parents are mighty lucky they have y'all to support them. It just stinks it has to go on and on. keep thinkin' happy thoughts girl and maybe a glass of wine. I will be thinking about you and those sweet parents you have:))))

Cottage Magpie said...

I get so steamed when I read this stuff! We went through a much, much smaller but similar deal when I got rearended and was out of work for a month. We had to wait 8 months and fight and fight and fight for our $$. Sigh.
~Angela :-)