Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh, for the love of a good decorating other words..WORK!

Well hello and good morning!
Yesterday was a day of good measure, Mom, Mary(sister) and self all got our decorating on..
Things are looking up at the new temporary
GRAND HERON location
I like how the orek even matches the decor..
What I DONT like is the lighting in this rental space.
Hurts the corneas, and dosent look much like a
real home, now does it? It will do in a snap.
Here is kind of the signature look of shop owner decorator diva, my mom.
Everything I learned, I learned from her..
Texture, texture and more texture, dear..
shes good.oh yes

I bet you can guess who decorated here..

YEP its me, coastal nest- getting her relaxed seaside

ocean feel on..

One more tiny part finished, oh yes.. and some new stock.

you know..cuz a girl just can never get enough...


heaven help us...

If you want it we got it..somewhere in here.



Be there or Be square


Michelle said...

When I saw that first picture I thought, "Ooh, how fun and funky! Wait a minute, was the vacuum placement intentional or did they forget to move it because it fits in so perfectly?!" I like it there--it's real life chic.

I have multiple personalities when it comes to decorating. I love your relaxed coastal look, but then I saw the red couch and fell in love with that. I think my decorating style could be described as "insanely eclectic".

Lisa said...


oh yes, you will fit in perfectly here at Grand Heron... er or.. Insanely Eclectic. Great name btw, Get a blog girlfriend!!!!
I always want to chat you up-- and theres no where!!! G'head, dip a toe, its funnnn~~~

Mrs. G. said...

It is looking beautiful. I wish I could be there at the opening. Does your mom do yoga-she's a pretty limber mama.

Sarah said...

You Coastal/Heron girls sure have panache! Can you fly out to Minnesowwwta for a consult??

Christine @ Simple Starfish said...

Lisa - You must check my blog and is there any way I can beg for a better picture of the striped chest!! I love it!! I just blogged the other day about a similar chest and I really want to paint something like this now!!

Susan said...

I'm so glad it's coming together and your new place will be opening soon! I think you're living my dream life with the beach house and the store. A little envy is showing.

Christine @ Simple Starfish said...

Thanks Lisa for posting on my blog. Now I'm trying to figure out where I can get a chest like that for cheap. I guess I have to hit some garage sales. I wish I could get started right away.