Friday, May 16, 2008

Im in the band, oh..And I look GOOOOOOD!!

SOMEONE in my house is growing up
WAAAAAAAYYY too quickly.. MOM, we sound AWESOME!!!
My baby, The trumpet player..
I love to watch him with his friends, being all goofy band boys..
and being part of

something BIG!!

Annual All City Elementary Band Spring Concert

It was music to a mamas ears..

Congratulations, My boy.

You were AWESOME!

just like you said


See for yourself..

Pirates of the Carribean

5th and 6th grade band

My boy is the one right in front of the Cymbals..


Cutzi said...

Ahhh... brings back memories of my mom coming to my orchestra concerts. *tear*

And what a handsome fella he is!

Enjoy this sunshine!! Goin' to the beach?

Traceytreasure said...

Oh Lisa, He's so handsome! Love the color of that boy's shirt!! He looks so happy with his friends. Wow, that's a big band! Hug him tight, he'll be driving your car way, way too soon!! Hope you have a great weekend. I'm going to make some ice cream if it ever warms up here. This year is colder than last. Big Hugs, T

Mrs. G. said...

A musician AND wicked cute-watch out Mom-you might have to wrestle the groupies. You should be proud. What a smile.

Jan said...

He looked so nice and they sounded really great.

Love your kitchen shelving. Yum..

Kellie said...

What a cute young man!

Re: my hubby's hernia surgery -- it was a one-day surgery, we went in the hospital by 7 a.m. and he was home by 12:30 p.m. They made a small incision, about two inches maybe, and put some mesh thing in to hold the "hernia" from poking out. The surgery was Wednesday, but yesterday (Friday) was his most painful day. It doesn't hurt so much when you lie still, but moving around, getting up and down, etc., is the painful part. We know many people who have had it and they say this is the worst part. He takes the pain pills, but they make him tired so he sleep a lot, which I'm sure is the best thing. And I'm sure being younger, like your son, he may recover faster than my middle-aged hubby! Good luck!

PLO said...

OMG...what a ROCK STAR!!!! I am so proud of should buy him an expensive a video game, or a video game consule...or a new laptop...or a flat screen tv...anything to encourage him to continue!!!!!!

Martha said...

He is soooo cute! Looks just like Bob Vila!!

The chicks are gonna be all over him. They probably already are!