Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I love celery.. and its not the veggie

I admit it.
The soft colors of celery and yellow together, well..
They make me purrrr...
How could you not be relaxed, cozy and completely at one with yourself
Here... Or
Here? Those curtains send me.
No children could enter this room, however..I could imagine the tiny shoe prints all over
my lovely white furniture, then theres the chocolate chip cookie hands.. printed with love
upon my lovely matching ottomans..
uh, maybe we better save this for the next life..or better yet, retirement.
Anyhoo...I totally enjoyed myself in the dream of celery and its lovely
color today..
and your favorite decorating colors are???
photos from design inc.


Traceytreasure said...

Honestly, I like PINK and GREEN ICE CREAM BOWLS!! Thank you, Lisa!! THEY'RE GORGEOUS, Lisa!! You totally made my YEAR!! I love bloggy giveaways!! Do you think Mr. Villa would let you pull some Lotto numbers out of his lucky hat for me? I love his lucky hat!! About the house colors, dark is good for me! I like black and brown. Maybe celery would be more cheery! I should get some!! Thanks again!! I appreciate you!! Check out my post in your honor!! Hugs and love, T

Sabina said...

I want that seating area now!!

Jan said...

All shades of green and all those colors soothe my soul..

I just got my dollars. Thanks Lisa

Michelle said...

The celery shade in the first photo is the perfect neutral. I don't have much of a decorating palette going on right now, being that we're apartment dwelling newlyweds. However, I've long favored cobalt blue and teal. I have sofa pillows with cobalt, teal, and celery, and I think they look beautiful together. I've collected a lot of vintage kitchen things in cobalt, teal, and red, and that color combination makes me happy.

Mya said...

Ohhh, I could live there but I would have to leave my 4 legged friends and family behind. I am thinking of redoing my office/studio kinda like that. I just have to convince Mr. Mya. He is not quite BOb Villa.
Love your blog.

Sarah said...

I am into neutral shades, but love accents of olive green and deep purple... I do love the white/celery combo too--- but there would be stains on everything from my three lovelies...

Cutzi said...

So do you by chance have a name for the celery in that first photo? I love it! I honestly think it would be adorable in a little kids room - especially since my two share. It's nice and gender neutral and cheery - don't you think?