Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lets take a walk in MY yard, shall we?

Good morning!
hey, its just beautiful outside right now, its still relatively early, the kids are asleep and the yard looks great from where Im sitting, see?
Let go outside, shall we?
PLEASE remember, I am a newbie to this house, only 2 years so theres not alot of ME in the garden, yettttt..Here is Ma Maison.. we have lots of lawn and gorgeous mature trees.
I planted this boxwood hedge last fall- cannot wait for a few years for it to grow in like that chick and dude that down the street (parents house!)
We also planted those little cypress flanking the large window in front, the deer seem to love it. They will be coming out, soooon.
BobVilla built the fence, ect. Lovely, eh?
We also thinned out the tree in front so you could see the house more. Lovely wisteria growing up against the house. Not yet much going on there..
Gorgeous, my very favorite on the property, weeping birch tree.
More green lawn and mature trees

I love all the green, dont you. cant wait for it to warm up!!
have a great day, off to the new shop to unload more boxes.


Martha said...

Everything is gorgeous!!! I love the style of your house and the shingles!!! Soooo cute!

How on earth do you keep two homes so perfect? Are you a robot? Do you ever sleep?


Michelle said...

Lisa, your property is absolutely charming! Really, how do you do it all?

PLO said...

Lovely darling! Seriously, you are a robot, aren't you? My first house was a cape cod, I loved it, but it was too small for the brood.

Traceytreasure said...

Wow! Your yard is breathtaking! So is your house! Absolutley lovely, Lisa! Hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day! Hugs!

Sarah said...

AHHHH! (not screaming- just ohhing and aaahhing) so pretty! I am so jealous of your wisteria!! The sproutinlings you sent me are not happy yet, but I will do my darndest to make sure they are. They are being transplanted again to their final home this weekend!!

Happy Mothers day to you too!