Monday, May 5, 2008

Lets take a walk in my parents back yard, shall we?

Here we are, another field trip. This one, however, is very near and dear to my heart.
Lets go to my parent house..just 2 blocks away from my house, and built by the same architects and builders, we have lots in common in the housing area- among other things.
Here is a photo facing the gorgeous fence my very own Dad built with his very artistic hands. A pergola, sits to the back of the property, which was again, built by dear old (not) dad.
all of the exterior decorating is done by the Diva herself, Mom. Together, they have worked to make the garden and yard a haven of green wonder.
The fountain was a mothers day gift many years ago, its developed an awesome patina over time and is one of my favorite pieces in the space. Its got 2 bowls for the fountain and it makes the most wonderful babbling sounds youve heard. The chickadees love to bathe here.
The reclaimed vintage brick is from downtown Aberdeens historic Weir theatre. Also laid by
A long row of boxwood soldiers standing at attention. How wonderful.
Gigantic hostas getting ready for their dance in the dappled shade in a few months. When they are at full bloom they umbrella the boxwood, its fabulous texture, then- as well as now.
Vintage stand and green gazing ball are a focal point in this part of their garden.
Solomon seal are present, and way ahead of the game here. Mine are just getting started at home.the gorgeous texutes of the fern and the ever present lucky clover (we use to love to eat, in the younger days) Boxwood and moss.

Truey a haven for the 2 people on the top of my "Important" list.

A gorgeous serene place to kick off your shoes and relax.

I love to visit them, and this garden.

Nice place, no?


Michelle said...

Their garden is so peaceful. They've chosen the perfect plants and sculptures to make a big impact without feeling overwhelming. I love the photo of the boxwoods--the plants are beautiful and so is your composition. Thanks for the tour!

Sarah said...

Wow. I love it... it is sooooo green and lush. I adore the fountain and the boxwoods. How long have they lived in the home, and how long has it taken them to achieve that kind of perfection? So pretty, thanks for sharing!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

What a beautiful backyard. I don't think I've been by your blog before and it's very pretty. Loved all your yellow from Angela's collection.


Jan said...

Wonderful place for sure. No wonder you visit often.

PLO said...

There is something magical about our parents gardens. I love to sit on the swing in my parents back yard, and enjoy the lovely garden my Mom has worked on. I wish my yard was this tidy, but I am too busy making HIM stencils and getting tattoos.

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Wow! Mommy's yard is wonderful! I'm in awe. I don't think my yard will ever get there.

Martha said...

Oh my gosh. I want a yard like that. You and your Mommy are the most talented girls ever. EV-ER.

I swear I will post soon. I'm just getting a lot of puttering around the house done :)