Wednesday, May 7, 2008

WHOOOOO HOOOOO its mooooving dayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning~~
Remember this place HERE? well, its no more. Sadly.
After This event? I know I had a bit of a temper tantrum on that post, sorry!!
The whole thing with insurance is that THEY do what THEY want, in their OWN SWEET TIME!! But, alas, I believes we are getting somewhere!!
So, this is where alllllll the boxes of inventory in the whole entire ginorminc shop came to rest for 5 or so months..Cool building, eh?These are the stairs UP to the storage space(beautiful old building across the street)
Hello there, brother of mine..
Guess who decided to take the ball in their own hands and move allllllll the boxes?
(say it like the godfather movie)WE moved them here, to the new TEMPORARY location.. Here is the all her boxed up glory.. Thats the building, conveniently located right across the street from the new location, and just kitty corner from our beloved Grand Heron Building..
Lord, think there are enough boxes? Remember the stairs?? Say a prayer for the family legs.. Heres another pitty shot..

We are moving them here, to the new location.. you like??

ITS HUGE IN HERE!!! Hello mom, hello my mini peeps.. Always ready to help the grama.

My boy there told me last nighthe said "grama told me I was such a good helper she was going to put me on the menu!!" (payroll) what a dollyboy..that kids just like me, always thinking about food. Anyway, we moved and moved and moved and unpacked and unpacked and UNPACKED.. with about 500 more boxes to go, we should be done by, uhhhhhh.....dunno.

We are getting there one box at a time..

For this
So we can
Fun times, fun times..
opening soooooon..
get your will be worth it.


Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

HI Lisa
So glad that you saw the award that I gave you on my blog!! I enjoy reading your blog...not only because you have great style but because you are so upbeat and you have great ideas about fun things to do with your family!!

Michelle said...

". . . I'm such a good helper she's going to put me on the menu!" That is absolutely priceless.

Congratulations on the huge progress toward the new shop! It's about time for your mom to have her life back.

Sarah said...

*prayers said for the family legs*

I am so happy your mom is getting her shop back!
Loved the phots, and that is a LOT of boxes!

Mrs. G. said...

How very cool. I like that smile on your mom's face!!

Bristol said...

Lisa - That is so awesome about the move and the building. The plans look awesome.

Martha said...


The shop isn't even set up yet and I want everything I see in those photos.

Like that black plant stand. Yummy. Maybe I can get on your Mom's menu with your sweet boy?

Will work for accessories....

Anita said...

I am so ready to be able to come visit the shop! Yippee - can't wait... So happy for your mum to get some $$ to be able to start doing what needs to be done. Have never been to the shop, but a couple of years ago at the Gift & Garden show at St Martin's I bought a BUNCH of stuff. Loved the chocolate/truffle pictures. We were actually moving out of town that very day, but begged my hubby to stop before leaving. We've since moved back and these two years, I've dreamed of a gorgeous green, curvy cupboard that was there. Doubt I can get one like it now, but haven't forgotten it and had saved my receipt so I'd remember the shop's name if I ever came back. Silly, huh! Anyway, last time we were at the beach last year before the storms, we drove by and I had an AHA moment when I saw the store! So sad to know it was damaged. Anway, I'm blathering and am just so excited I can actually visit someday soon!