Monday, April 14, 2008

skinny tile and carerra marble???

Hello all, So... first off I am infatuated with carerra marble, honed, no shine. I want it. B A D!!! At home, not out at the cottage. I am serious. This is what I want to spend my money on when we sell the flip.Hopefully, MrV is reading this at work and wont be so freaked out when I show him the bill. (hi, honey love ya)I also love the way its so squared off, no big fancy bullnose. simple.

One thing, although, I am not so fond of.. This small rectangle tile that is showing up all over the place. What do you think? I think its too faddish. I do, however adore the way the cabinetry looks like its vintage furniture.
The roman shades in the creme and white stripe,so poppish here, fun!
Anyway, people are using carerra marble on the counters, I SEE it everywhere. I go to talk to the gal that I want to order it from, she says.. not a good idea. Stain factor is huge with marble. WTF??? I thought it would be fine.. What is the word? do you know.. do you have any idea. is she just pulling my leg??? Inquiring minds want to know..PLEEEEZE. Ill be waiting, chicks.
photos from design inc.


Cutzi said...

So I don't know anything about the marble but I love that cabinet hardware!! It just gave me a brainstorm about my own hideous cabinets and how when (if) I paint them white they might actually look good... if they had that hardware.

So... since you're so skilled at painting... after you have the flip done don't you want another project to do? Like.. Cutzi's hideous cabinets? Martha already said she's flying out for it..

Cutzi said...

And ditto on the tile. I'm not likin' it. What you said - too trendy.

Sarah said...

A big no on the tile, and I have no idea about staining. My countertops are from the 1950's and are nasty. I cant wait to redo the kitchen!

The pictures have me daydreaming!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

I adore the marble. My dream kitchen would have white cabinets, subway tile (normal size!) and marble. I guess I just won't be able to let the rest of the family in the kitchen. That seems reasonable, right? Love the way the flip is coming along. You do great work! And that BV is okay too.

Martha said...


Word on the street is that the marble DOES stain, but a lot of people still go with it because they like that vintage lived-in look it gives. I would totally go with it. I think the higher quality of the marble is a fun juxtaposition with the lived-in look of the stains. Ya know what I'm sayin' sistah?

Also I love looking at those hip skinny tiles, but I agree - they're a fad. I'd never do them myself.

GASP!!! I just saw Cutzi's post!!!! I should be coming out there to the PNW again sometime this summer, I'll bet!!! We should have a "painting Cutzi's cabinets party"!!!!! Wouldn't that be fun?????

I would die for that kitchen. DIE FOR IT.


Jan said...

I like the tile, just not in that kitchen. I love that kitchen so much. It needs more vintage looking tile to go with it.

Marble does stain. It is better to use it in places where food isn't used like the bathroom. Unless you eat in there Lisa?

Traceytreasure said...

I'll take this in a heartbeat! Love it! Everything about it! If I win the lottery and buy this house I'm only eating Taco Bell! Please tell me there's a Taco Bell near by!

I could have sworn that you had a post about Maria Carey up this a.m. Where did it go? I wish I'd seen her on Oprah yesterday!

Is this really the house I'm going to buy if I win the lottery or are these just sample pictures? LMK!

Diana said...

OH so the colors too!!

Anonymous said...