Friday, April 25, 2008

Smelly hat goodness...

Hmmmmm, lets see..everyones entered into this here--Mr Perfect (BobVillas) hat..
Hello gorgeous..Care to help a sista out? "What the hell are you doing now??" Honey.. Im having a blog give away! " LISA, you are NOT giving away my HAT" hahahahahahahahha. He's so fricking full of himself. thinking you want his dirty old mr perfect hat. (JENN) Anyhoo.. here we go..
As you can see here..
Tracey, you are the lucky winner of the ice cream bowls.
Bristol, you are the lucky winner of the metal trudge.
Miss Jan, you are the lucky winner of the stinky sand dollars! (kidding)

Yay, Im glad thats over with. Ive got lots to talk about. Someone lurking over my shoulder (BV)
"You dont have time to talk today.." hes getting out his whip and we are off. guess where.Okay bob, okay!!!! signed me, over and out.
Thanks for entering to all of you. I wish I could have given everyone of my faithful friends a prize.
girls, email me your address

xoxoxoxo from me (and Bob)


Sarah said...

Yeah to all the winner! I got my coastal garden yesterday! I cant wait to dig it in! Its been raining for the past 2 days, as soon as its dry!! I cant wait!

Coastal Nest is the best! LOL



Jan said...

Yeah I love dollars even if their stinky. We have a wedding reception coming up next month and its a beach theme. I get ideas from here sometimes. Thanks.

Coastal Nester Rocks.

Bristol said...

Lisa- Oh for the love, I never win anything I really don't. I did a little dance and sang a song. The neighbors already think I am crazy!!! That is such a statement from my husband "what the hell are you doing" I was having a not so great day and now it's great. Thanks Lisa~~~~~~~~

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

But seriously. I get the hat. Right?

Traceytreasure said...

Thank you, thank you, Lisa, I always knew that I win the jackpot someday!! You made my week! Thanks again! I can't wait! Hugs and love, T

PLO said...

Damnit, I missed it...although I would have wanted the hat. OOOOO, gotta love sand bathroom is seashell themed, with all of my findings.