Thursday, April 24, 2008

The BOOTY.....

Hello bloggerettes..I have decided to give away 3 different things, well, because..I couldnt decide..
So, since I know everyone probably likes or loves ice cream, heres the first prize. Set of 4 darling ice cream bowls- vintage style. Cute pink outside with black letters and jadeite green on the inside. ADORABLE, never even used. Brought them home from the shop and then swiftly swept them away to the mini store in the garage loft..we will visit there someday. You will DIE. Its totally embarassing the items I have ammassed in my life.
The second prize is this adorable metal trudge with 3 little glass jars with lids. I crave this- not sure why Im giving it to YOU!! oh ya, I bought 2. SO we can BOTH have one. Nice couple a big scratches in my table there, eh? I did it. No one to blame but stupid self. Oh well, Lisa knows where to get some wood putty and fill that in, reeeeeel nice like. Because Im down with that and can fix things..
Heres another photo, just in case you couldnt invision what the little jars would look like in the cute little trudge. Also, because I like to take photos.. Its totally got that vintage look to it, too. Do you like the prizes so far?
This is my last and favorite little give away, because its TOTALLY me. ITS DOLLARS!! Mermaid currency, or the normal name for them round here are sand dollars. We got these on one of the first nice days out at the beach. Still sandy and still smelling like my neck of the woods (or sea) Totally coastal nestish, eh? There are about 10. I think I might have to throw away the hairy one, just because I dont want to make you puke when you open the box.(which is always nice in a gift) he might try and mold on me so>>(those are suppose to be commas! my keyboard is starting to give me some grief>(comma)

im going to leave this giveaway up today too< (comma) enter today on this post and yesterdays post will also go in>(comma)
by the way lucky jen @ cottage nest has already won>>some grey hair out of bvs hat> eeeewww>>what is wrong with mycomma key???? lord help me>>
have a great day my dear sweet friends>>


Susan said...

Nice Booty! Hope I get some. I always love your blog. I lived in Washington State for about a year when I was in college (many moons ago). I love it up there. We used to vacation in Mossy Rock. My aunt and uncle used to own the rock. It was on their farm. Western Washington is so gorgeous!

Beth said...

Ooh, cool prizes! Congratulations on 100 posts, and here's to 100 more...hopefully with commas. :)

Sarah said...

You got some nice booty! I love the trudge- and the dishes and the sand dollers. Damn commas!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Oh, I am like the luckiest girl EVA! Okay, this, is, how, you, do, it. Got, that,? Silly girl.

Jan said...

Love it all. Kick me in the booty with this one Lisa.

Michelle said...

That's some nice booty! So. . . when do we get the tour of the mini store in the garage loft? I'm very intrigued. It's almost like that dream where you find another room in your house you never knew you had. Except, you know, it's your house, and I'm a total dork.

My condolences for your comma-less state. Have you tried cleaning your keyboard with canned air?

Cutzi said...

Alrighty.... I'm a little confused (which is normal for me)... but I hope this comment enters me in the booty draw.

You're bootylicious.

Bristol said...

I love that trudge very cute. Congrats on 100 years~~~~


Lisa said...

Im not 100 years OLD sista.. sometimes I just feel like it.

Dont be confused, its all just for fun, Ill get you in the drawing, just because your so friggin cute, you know..

Traceytreasure said...

I'm probably too late. I've had company and haven't been checking on my lovely friends. My daughter would love the mermaid currency. She wants to be a mermaid. Hope you are having a great week! Hugs and love, T

Anita said...

Oooh, pick me, pick me! And if you ever have a garage sale, it would be worth the hour and a half or two hour drive to go to it - so please post!