Thursday, March 20, 2008

House finds, and the like..

This sign was found in my last house, in the attic. Apparently, the estate that we purchased the home from was owned by the Dutro family.
Optometrist extrordinaire..
All I know is that he had a great eye for signeage..
Yesterdays post also had one of Dr Dutros signs in it, although I painted it to match my name not the good doctors..
Close up of a little shell box I adore in the livingroom..
Last but not least, a new "lampshade" for lack of a better word.
Adore it, made out of tyvek. this is the kind of material that home builders cover houses in for moisture barrier and quite possibly insulation. Its like a plasticy paper.
I will post when I find a cord for it to hang properly.

Its a perfect spring thing, lovely light awesome flowers.

you just wait and see..

Have a happy Easter, my friends!


Kellie said...

Happy Easter!

PLO said...

Do you know what you have there?
I am so jealous.