Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happiest Easter Greetings

We had a fun morning-

Guess what we did.. colored Easter eggs!

Which inspired this gal to take a few lovely photos of my childrens accomplishments.

Oh, and this gorgeous springtime arrangement I whipped up myself

(Safeway) shhh..

So, I am off to make Pioneer Womans Carrot Cake that she posted yesterday.
I am sure it will go over well. We are going to my cousin Marks house tomorrow.
Hopefully, the weather will co operate, although this is not expected to.

I think these photos turned out lovely, eh?


Happy Easter Greetings

to all my friends-have a special day

with your family!



Michelle said...

Gorgeous photos! Will you post a review of the carrot cake?

Happy Easter, Lisa!

Kellie said...

Happy Easter!

Cottage Magpie said...

What pretty eggs and primroses! I think I have this same primrose! (You can see it at my blog, I posted it a few posts ago). Happy Easter, my friend!
~Angela :-)

Martha said...

Yes! Post a review of the carrot cake :)

Happy Easter, Pallie!


Sarah said...

Happy Easter :)

PLO said...

I understand now. You are a photo editor for a famous I right? All this time, you act like you are just a normal girl. Do you have crab legs on Easter?

Laurie Anne said...

Love those primroses. I buy those exact kind every year :0)