Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Glorious Spring!!

Ode to spring...
My favorite time of year, oh yes, its very near
Spring buds abound on every tree
and branch around.
The kids delight
and jump and jump, with all their might,
into the daylight savings night
the trampoline is up today
and we are very happy to say
boing, boing.. its a springtime day!
oh my word, an off the cuff poem, bad as it may be..
its how we are feeling today around here. Daddy (BV) and I put up the trampoline for the kids, fun fun fun.. and good exercise for the little totlets..
My lovely helleborous..
My lime green spurge, which I need to divide and plant, like yesterday..
My gorgeous primrose basket at the front door..
Welcome spring, we are glad your FINALLY here!!


Sarah said...

So pretty! Is that a hand painted sigh that holds the flowers by your door? I love that! Where did you get it?? Oh and your poem was fantastic my friend. I wish it were more springy around these parts.

Lisa said...

Hi Sarah,
The sign was originally found in one of our old homes we lived in. It was a dentists house and this had been left, along with a few other great signs from his office, hours posted, no-- he was a optometrist.. now that I look at the other sign on my piano.. (its REALLY great) So, I just painted it myself to go with my heart..
The basket is a wire basket from Aidan Gray, we sell his line in our shop. AWESOME STUFF, ALSO..
I just lined the basket with sheet moss and added the primroses.VOILA..
instant springtime..
love ya!!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous flowers, Lisa! I am loving my first NW spring. I love that the snowdrop lilies outside my front door started blooming in February. February! My MIL sent a picture of the snow they got yesterday in Minnesota that covered everything all over again--I don't miss that at all! I'm so in love with the Pacific NW!

Lisa, what's the latest with the store?

Lisa said...

This business of Insurance is a real racket. I just hung up from my mother on the phone, who was crying and screaming- not at me, just from sheer irritation. It is very VERY frustrating to know that your policy is so, fluid. The biggest problem with all of the claim, in my eyes, is that the adjuster will not communicate- with anyone- including our Atty.

so, I guess, the news with the Shop is- IRRITATING, at best. and VERY VERY SLOW GOING..UGH!
Thanks for the interest, keep us in your thoughts..

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your continuing frustrations with insurance. Has the shop been closed this whole time? I'll definitely send some positive energy your way.

Martha said...

Oh the FLOWERS!!!!!

So pretty, Lisa!

So sorry about the shop. I hope it's up and running soon. Because I want to shop there when I come into town!

I saw those cute!