Tuesday, March 25, 2008

That Pioneer Woman

Ode to the Pioneer Woman..
This chick Ree, she lives somewhere out in the, I think, Oklahoma state, or somewhere big and vast. She is so funny. She takes care of her family, dogs, garden and all these herds of cow and wild mustang horses. Lord, its a busy life of a cowboy wife. Her blog, for anyone who has been living under the proverbial rock, and has not been there is Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
Ree is a lover of her little punks, of which she has 4 and then theres this dude shes married to
Lordy- Marlboro Man. Just go there, shes an awesome writer, and a great giver of recipes.
Like this here wonderful carrot cake I made for Easter. It was a huge hit, the kids loved it, the big kids (adults) loved it as well. Try a recipe of Rees, its good for your family.
A staple in our house is her pot roast. Oh lord its to die for and EASY.. My kids are silent for a half hour. This only occurs when they are stuffing their faces (which is hardly, VERY picky eaters) or when they are sleeping (then they are sleep-TALKING) Really, you will love any recipe shes got posted. She keeps it real, real simple.. And REAL FUNNY..
Her site is under construction, but shell be up and going shortly, Im sure of it.
YEEEEE HHHHaaaaawwwwww
Let me hear ya say Hell ya!
I love Ree!


tricia said...

I spent 3 hours straight reading her saga, high heels to tractor wheels. Love that blog.

Michelle said...

Mmm. . . looking at all that frosting is giving me a contact high.

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

I don't even like carrot cake and that looks good to me.

Martha said...

HELLS Yeah!!

Love Ree.


Sarah said...

I am such a Ree fan! I might have to try this one... that icing ..... ::drools::