Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Tag...7 facts, interesting or not- about me..

Martha this gals blog I stumbled upon (and whom I totally adore-kiss kiss Martha) is wanting a little more info on
Ms Villa. Why? I ask, does anyone want to know about Moi?
1) I am not really blonde, I know, I know.
2) I shockingly big light blue eyes people freak out on, its the genes baby.
3) I have known BV since I was a little kid. We use to play tag and Red Rover together.
4) After our first date, I told my mom I am going to marry that man. Less than 1 year later, it was a done deal.(little did I know, he told his brother and best friend at the time that he was dating the future mother of his children) WOW!- I think we were meant to be.
5) I lean to the right, (again with the I knows) We have lots of welfare in this community, people need to WORK for stuff. Im sick of it. (sorry, thats how I feel)
6) My High School friends included the dudes from Nirvana. (whacked out freaks) that were so much fun! you know who they are..
now arent you glad I posted? How interesting is that!
not really-eh?


Michelle said...

You were friends with Kurt and Krist?! That is so unbelievably cool. In 8th grade I got detention for wearing my Nirvana t-shirt to the very conservative private school I attended. Oh, and in high school my husband, Kris, added a "t" at the end of his name.

I got goose bumps when I read about you and BV! So sweet!

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

O.k. cool girl. I am dutifully impressed with your Nirvana connection!!!

Martha said...

Sa WEET!!!

How cool are you??


Sarah said...

Wow. Nirvana? And I am loving the BV reveal - how sweet is that?


PLO said...

You are one lucky gal, and so is BV...lucky guy that is. All this time, you kept your secret of hanging with Nirvana, and didn't share with your rock star friend! What about Dave Grohl? Was he in that group? I got to see THE FOO FIGHTERS when they first began, at a little club in Chicago, front and center.