Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Weekend..at the beach

Hello and Happy Monday to everyone in blogland.. As you can see, We, eh, well, BobVilla and the helper were hard at work this weekend, building a little deck off of the coastal nest. These French Doors lead into the first bedroom, which is very small, but adorable with peaked roof and lots of light. This is bedroom is where you can see the blue pacific, so having the deck this high will also be benefical for attracting the same kind of view outside. Its a small view, but hey, a view is a view, right?? Isnt BV a handsome gent? I love it when he is all construction-y.. This is the beautiful new front door. I adore the hardware I picked out..Uh oh, I see a partial of self, and hood. Theres BVs truck..
Now, here we are, my Mom and Dad came out to the beach today, for what reason? See up in the sky? Its gorgeous beautiful blue sky!! The light, it burns!!!! It was 60 degrees out here at Pacific Beach this weekend. Spring is coming girls, its going to be early, too. BobVilla said so. I believe everything he says, so.. there.

Anyway, back to my mommy..She and dad came out, because BV asked my dad to help him electrify the new hot water heater, one of those continuous hot water jobs, and the bathroom fan. So dad was on the job today as well. So, mom and I decided to wander over to "SEABROOK" the new coastal town on the washington coast. Oh my, its some kind of place (seabrookwa.com) dont drink the juice there though, its bound to cost you about $600k for a house here, with no view of the water(ocean), just lots of fantastic neighborhoods and quaint little houses. I do secretly want to move here and start a flourishing coastal interior shop, but could never afford it.

This here is the stain color that we are going to put on the coastal nest. I love this green stain on this house so much. I think it will be smashing!! Like??Do not you absolutely adore the shell walks? YEs, cest ci bon! (this is nice, in french)

Oh, lookie here, its my little brother, out working at Seabrook, Christopher. He is a very tall boy. 6ft8. A house painter, house flipper, ect by trade. He is a product of this little red headed woman next to him. Our mother. So, thought this was a good time to snap a photo of the two. If you can see, I also gave him MY lunch, you know, because I am a good sister like that. By the way, it was a very fabulous meatloaf sandwich, with mustard, mayo and horseradish. Yes, he thanked me, and we went onward.

This was my weekend Sunday, at the beach. Progressing as it will. We are hoping that the coastal nest will be on the market in mid March. Keep your fingers crossed.

What did you do this weekend?


Laurie Anne said...

the house is looking great. What a great project and the fact that your family is so handy is quite the bonus :0)
We are Ne Tacoma and about about a mile from the beach of Puget Sound. Haven't been to the real coast for a couple of years. I think the last time I was in Pacific my little boy was 2. We are definately planning a trip there this summer. Hopefully, we will get some nice weather, but as you know how WA can be.
I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of the "nest". A house by the beach, I'm soooo jealous :0)

Kari & Kijsa said...

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She is turning 40!!!

Stop by the party on Wednesday to mingle a bit, say hi to the birthday girl, enjoy a bite of cake, and check out the party favor giveaway!


Martha said...

I LOVE the doors, LOVE the green stain and LOVE the little cedar shake cottage behind your Mom and Brother!

Love, Love, LOVE it!

Michelle said...

Oui, c'est vrai. C'est tres charmant! Shell walks remind me of visiting my aunt at her condo in FL when I was five. But this is even more charming because it's not all Disney-tainted.

I love that green stain for the outside, and if you go with the green-beige inside, that will tie everything together beautifully. Magnifique!

Liz said...

I wandered onto your blog via Cottage Nest today, it's lovely!

PLO said...

Looks like you were busy! Your Mom is adorable, and your brother aint too shabby either...he is a little short for me though. I will consult the Huntley Hotties and see if we can re-arrange our book club to meet there so I don't miss the crab-feed-a-rama. I don't know if those Costal dudes can handle the cleavage. Ha! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoPLO

Sarah said...


Love the green stain... earthy colors are my THANG!
Looks like beautiful weather too.... I would die to have 60 degrees right now. I think we are at -11. FROSTY.

I want to live in a Coastal Nest. Sigh. Oh and can I come to the crab-o-rama PLO talks about. I love me some crab drowned in BUTT-A!!

Bristol said...

Hey Lisa- Love the how the beach house is progressing. The door is great. Love the picture of your Mom and brother. looks like a great day! Talk to you soon

Anonymous said...

The green stain is wonderful! Can't wait to see it on the house. We have WAY too much beige siding around here. The door is perfect, the deck off the bedroom with french doors - a thing I've always dreamed of. AND you gave away a meatloaf sandiwich with horseradish??? THAT my friend, is a sister who loves her brother. :)

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Aren't you going to be a bit sad to let that place go? Love the siding color and all the houses. Yum!

PLO said...

Aren't husbands so sexy when they are constructioney?!?! My fave was when I got to see my hubby drive a semi truck....oh, la la!

lisa said...

I love that door! And your mom is so tiny!