Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Coastal Nest....decorates..

Ive decided that its high time to get the spring out around here. There isnt any blue sky out today, and I am sick and tired of not seeing any. We are so ready for spring its been a long winter, hasnt it?..

So, because I know you wanted to see what I was up to, here you go..Spring has sprung at the coastal nest.. here..

and here...
My favorite teeny tiny little brown transferware square plates(?) with all my lucky numbers from an old game..and last but not least my cherished little "M" found on ebay.. Button jars in the back are a local find.. $5 a jar..not too bad!
Girls are always so intrigued about the wallpaper in my kitchen, bought it on ebay, its just like fake tin ceiling, non pasted wallpaper. Worth its weight in gold to me, as there were lots of flaws to cover up here..My favorite timeworks clock..
Oh, have I ever told you I have an affinity for white plates in the vintage fashion? Well, ya!! I definately do. SEE??? This is just a teeny tiny smathering of my obsession.

Anyway, the spring is starting to make its way..I for one am looking out the window...waiting~ are you?


Bristol said...

Love the spring decorating. I love what you did above the sink. The numbers on the plate are a nice touch! Have a great weekend.

Michelle said...

Lisa, I LOVE that clock! May I ask where you found it?

PLO said...

OOOOOO! I love everything...maybe I should photograph my button jars. I love the "eat" card! The plates are fantastic, I will keep my eye out for some while I am garage sale-ing this Summer. I don't have any transferware...I may have to find some!!!!!

Lisa said...

Almost the only place I shop..(ed)
My store Grand Heron, in Aberdeen..which, by the way..STILL has not heard from the insurance company of what the plan of attack is..

it is, however..a Timeworks clock, and yes.. it is fabulous :} thanks--

Sarah said...

Oh I love it all! I need to get my spring things out too!

Cutzi said...

I LOVE that wallpaper!! Do you know who made it?

Martha said...

Those are the most inspiring pictures, Lisa!!!!!

Some day you need to come to all of your internets (my house)houses and accessorize for them (me. I'm first.)