Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coastal Nest...decorates

The chief cook and bottle washer at the coastal nest (me, mommy) went shopping today.

Found this adorable sweet sassy sexy curvy table for my nest.

Perfect for my living room, as it was lacking a table for the end of the sofa. The height is absolutely right on for the room. My sofas are tall armed, so this fits-exactly.

I adore how curvy it is, also there is a bottom shelf that is cained (or caned) which gives it extra texture, and you know how I feel about texture..

I threw a few of my favorite treasures on top, shells old finial post tops more shells, a few white votives in small glass holders, and my very very favorite photo of my little Ryan,yes, at the beach. A great find. Dont you think?

Decorate today-- it'll make you feel better..


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Umm, LOVE that curvalicious table. What a find!

PLO said...

Oh girl, I love it! I love the table, and the accesscories are fantastic...I won't be doing much decorating since my Sissy is in town...but promise I will work on it when she leaves.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

I LOVE that table!

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Mmmmm Hmmmm oh yeah! Love it! Love it! Love it!! I especially like the display that you did on top.

Martha said...

Oh man. I LOVE that table.

And you are the BEST at accessorizing, girl!

Mrs. Jones said...

That is so beautiful! Especially with all your treasures. Will you stop by and decorate my house puleeeze!