Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thanks Martha.......Ive been Tagged

Here I am!
My friend Martha, over there at Elizabeth Hill Cottage has tapped me on the shoulder this morning and given me the "all exalted nod" from her throne on the hill.
Seems as though little Martha is a snoopy gal and would like more "sensitive" information on she who manages the coastal
First off, I want to slip in a disclaimer for those who can hardly take it..I am a tad boring, to perfection. I am just a simple girl, with 3 kids and a pretty cool partner (husband, clarify..)
Like to hear it? Here we go...
*My 4 jobs..*
Charlies restaurant- I was a "bus(ty) boy" (girl) This was in 1984, I graduated HS and declared my independence. With my hair piled high, pink and blue eyeshadow on-and my cassette tape stereo cranking "ratt"(memba them?) took off for the big city and bright lights--only to make $2.60 (plus tips) and hour, needless to say, came home after a few months (couldn't make it on own..$$$) and went to local college.zzzzzzzzzzzzz..
Frame IT!-custom picture frame store manager- at local mall while going to local college. Adored this job, as my artsy fartsy side was blossoming and I could frame IT! at the store, because business was VERY slow.. again,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..
Costco Wholesale- left home once more, after college- bright lights- big city (again) Got in at bottom level Warehouse employee. Official title "caller" remember those poor saps that would have to empty the cart, read the number of the item in your cart to the cashier and transfer it to another cart? That was me. Quickly rose to cashier, now I have lightning quick 10 key speed skills, just from that job..Also, sometimes, I wake up transferring the 30 pack toilet paper and calling out the numbers in my sleep.(really scares poor Bob Villa) Made lots of good friends there and had a great time after work. (heavy duty party time)
Grand Heron- My mamas fabulous interiors shop. Been here ever since I left the big city-Seattle. I adore this job, although we have had a major set back (gigantic wind and rain storm in December) wrecked our whole (historic, former masonic temple building), blew out all windows and very impolitely tore the roof off and deposited it very UN neatly in our parking lot beside the building. As of today, we are still waiting to hear from our lovely insurance adjuster. Interested in hearing more of our poor story on the business? check out passed posts on my blog. It ll let you know anything you would like to know..miserable as it is (Grand, as it was...)
Okay, that's my job history.
*My 4 fave movies..remember, no judging!*
I could watch Urban Cowboy over and over again. I ADORE John Travolta in this movie. In fact, I watched it 2 times this week. Bob Villa lovingly calls me Sissy once in a while and I get a hiney twinge every time, sorry!
Terms of Endearment is another FANTASTIC tear jerker. Haven't seen it lately, still LOVE that movie. The bond that mom and daughter have is so, awesome.
Bueler???? Bueler.....nuf said...
Im not sure if I can put this in a movie category, but I totally love and enjoy to watch Greys Anatomy, I love that nasty McSteamy, hes so sexy and pathetic at the same time.
Only ever lived in good old green and wet Washington State
*4 Favorite foods*
my home made tacos
my moms pot roast
my grams potato salad, which my mom makes now
chocolate woof. I know, but you can imagine.
*4 Favorite places Id rather be*
A cozy bed, flannel sheets, pouring down rain on the rooftop serenading me to sleep.(alone, no BV and no Kids!)AHHHH..
Rolling around in all the money we will make on the beach house (cross your fingers) oh, to be debt free!!!
Time travel back- picture me and my bazillion cousins at our lake place, appx 1975, not a care in the world, just being a kid with all my peeps swimming, water skiing sun tanning with baby oil. Drinking Shasta grape pop and eating baloney sandwiches and Frito's (oh, I think this could go under food, too)
Another time travel back, (remembering I do not want another child)but being in that recovery room after I had my first born, holding him and looking at him, all the effort I had just went through, with Bob Villa by my side, starting my family with him, my one and only. I savor that (and the other 2) moments with all my heart. I gotta go get a Kleenex :)
*4 things I look forward to this year*
Getting our Grand Heron put back together, and GETTING BACK TO WORK, A girls gotta decorate, man!
Finishing the beach house
taking a vacation with the family, we usually go down the Oregon Coast.
chasing the kids round the garden and yard.
4 people Ill tag...
Could someone PLEASE tell me how to link? I am a complete idiot and cannot figure how to do this while I am writing a grateful, first one who lets me know will get a nice treat..via the mail from the coastal nest. Now there's some incentive for you girls wasting all your time this Saturday..
Hope that will satisfy "inquiring minds"
That was kinda fun, thanks Martha!!


Sarah said...

Oh we went on a vacation on the Oregon coast (BK) - before kids! We went to Cannon Beach and Seaside... and loved it. I would move there in a heartbeat if we could afford it!

Michelle said...

The following is copied straight from Martha's blog comments, courtesy of Janelle:

"Links are easy. While you're writing your blog entry, open another window with the site you want to link. Highlight and copy (Ctrl + C) the site address.

Now in your blog entry window, type the name of the site, then highlight it. In the tool bar above your writing window, there's a button for a hyperlink that looks sort of like a green 8 tipped on its side. (I have no clue what it's supposed to be really!)

Click on that button and it will give you a window to paste (Ctrl + V) your website address into. Now your highlighted text will be an underlined link!"

Martha found the above helpful, so just sharing someone else's wisdom!

Martha said...

Hiney twinge!! Haaaaaaa!

That was great Lisa! Thanks for playing!

And my pesky little niece Michelle gets the prize?? Damn her!!!

Martha said...

By the way,....Who didn't love Ratt? I ask you......

Bristol said...

Loved that post Lisa~~

Forever and Ever House said...

Hello. This is my first time to your blog. I just wanted to tell you how lovely I think that it is. Thanks for sharing.

PLO said...

C'mon now, I know you are still wearing blue eyeshadow and have your hair piled high...and Ratt are probably on your CASSETTE player right now. I made a whooping 2.85 an hour working for Mr. Chee! Great post, it was fun to hear all about YOU. I hope you sell the beach house for 7 million dollars, and the store makes that much a year!!!

Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, I LOVE Urban Cowboy! And it's apparently safe here for me to admit that I also love Saturday Night Fever. Oh yeah.

I have to concur on McSteamy, too.

Mrs. Jones said...

Round and round, with love ... oh, sorry, all of Martha's comments about Ratt are bringing me back in time.