Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here are a few photos of mine to get the inspiration going, I guess. This one here on the left is a before shot of my Reagans room. It had horrible "off the rack" home depot wallpaper with an ungodly boarder. Had to go-- Here on the right is the-after- simple yellow walls, creamy enamel paint trim and a sweet little vintage iron bed. LOVE IT!! What do ya think?

Here is a lovely "before" photo of mine and BobVillas room. Do not you adore the vintage wallpaper and lovely green tape boarder?(heavy sarcasm, here) I only am sorry I didnt get a great photo of the fixture. It was just so bad.. A few days of peeling wallpaper, filling in cracks, taking out the lovely steele blue carpet, (only to reveal gorgeous preserved hardwood floors)-thank you previous owners-
and loads and loads of my favorite "coffee with cream" color paint, and Voila, the love nest of mr and mrs Villa...

Now here is the so sorry state of the living room-sans 3 different heavy layers of drapery. Whats up with that, this sheer we just left on so no peepers could see all our tools, I am definately NOT a drapery person, although I can be talked into anything at least once, especially if it looks good.. More pink paint, yes fleshy pink, also some lovely fleshy pink carpeting to go with it..egads!!!

I really should take more photos of the living room, but I believe there are some, elsewhere in my blog under home sweet home. Anyway.. If anyones interested in before and afters, here you go. Off to get Finn from preschool.Then to home depot for stuff for the beach cottage.. Have a great day

Your buddy here in Washington State, where yes-- the big yellow orb is actually out!!! The light, it burns!!!!


Martha said...

Oh my gosh, Lisa!!

What AMAZING before and afters!

I just LOVE all of the rooms you've shown.....more, I need more!!!


Melissa Huskey said...

Hi Lisa, Linked to you through Debbie @ Curious Sofa. Love your pictures and we have a lot of the same style icons (Heather and Jane) So sorry to hear of the problems with your shop. That has to be heartbreaking!! Look forward to your beach renovation.


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Girl you do good work! Love it all. So clean and fresh.

So sorry you're having such a horrible time with the insurance company. I hope life can move on for you all soon.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow, I love all your rooms but especially your room. I love those curtains!

Martha said...


Please come over to my place and see your assignment!

Michelle said...

Hi LIsa, I found you through Martha @ Elizabeth Hill.

I'm a recent Seattleite transplant (from MN), and I always race around my apartment snapping pictures when the sun is out. I missed my chance for photos this past week because I was trying to soak the sun into my vitamin D-starved skin. I think the last time I took sunny apartment pics was, maybe, Christmas Eve. It'll be sunny again in July, right?

Lisa said...

Hey Michelle,
One can only hope that the sun will soon return. Its not often we "tonians" get to see the almighty yellow orb in the sky.

Wheres your blog, girlfriend?
coastal nest

Laurie Anne said...

Love the befores and afters, so inspiring. You have such a lovely eye. Your master bedroom looks so cozy. You are so lucky to have your own personal "bob v." :0)