Monday, January 21, 2008

My Sunday with BobVilla and the Beach......

Hi There! Well, here is how my sweet Bobvilla and I spent our MLK day, it was just gorgeous outside here in the Pac NW, we knew that we had lots of work to get done outside at the beach cottage, so we saddled up the ford f150 and away we went. With the children in good baby sitting hands we were off....Here, oh it Ree and her Marlboro Man?? no, no.. wrong state, plus no horses today. Gorgeous view, huh?
Soon after we arrive to our little beach town, I had to drop BV off at the cottage to get ready for the day and go get us a couple a mochas, because, its really cold at the beach today! 29? At the beach?? what the...BRRRRRR-- Anyway, heres my favorite little coffee shop.
Well, while I had a little alone time, I thought it was in my (and yours) best interest that we take a little ride round the know what that means- Lets check out the neighbors, shall we? This is Nancy's house at the beach, shes a good friend who comes (or, use to) to the store and shops when shes in town.What a vacation get away-- Now, when I was a high schooler (back in the 80's) yes, I said 80's, let me hear you say "metal health will drive you mad...bang your head...--excuse me, I was flashing back there for a minute, okay. Now, back to Nancy's house, when I was a, shall we say, adolescent, my friends and I would always drive out here to this particular stretch of beach, because it is, number one, far from town, and also because it was so gorgeous out here. (plus we could play the casette tapes really loud on our hugely gigantic "boom boxes" (memba??) and build roaring fires on the beach..Im remembering another story, but I am getting off track..Nancys house was one of those houses that I remember, vividly..because it was vacant. For years! No one lived in it for the longest time, then fancy Nancy bought it, and gutted the whole thing, its just fantastic now. see the tennis court??
You will have to click on this photo below to see the latest edition to the grounds @ nancys- she got a totem pole!! I am sure its authentic, since there is a Reservation just a stones throw from here. They do awesome work, isnt it gorgeous!!!
Now This is another friends Pams house, I helped her inside this lil cottage of hers, its ADORABLE if I do say so myself.. Thanks for letting me help ya Pammy, it was fun and turned out so well. Total coastal living inside this cutie pie...she wasnt home though. No ones around today, cept me and the fabulous BobVilla, coupleaworkinstiffs...Heres another one of Pams places, she sold this last summer, isnt it a totally darling Cape Cod?Okay, we better get back to the coastal nest, bobs mochas cold now... This is what I get for farting around and taking you with me. Hes going to be pissed at us!! Its all your fault...Ohwell, lets move forward, were almost there...Heres looking back as we go up the hill towards the house. Its totally rockin beautiful today. Its dungeness crab season here, I am not sure you can see any of the boats out there, but theres at least 8 that I can see.. MMMMmmm, dont you love crab season???
Okay, so here we are, I actually took this toward the end of the day, since I am mostly cleaning crew and fire pit manager at this stage of the game, I cleaned up "real good like" today. Its really starting to take shape round the beach house, I am getting excited! So, when you and I were out slacking off, spying on the neighbors, BV and his magic tools got one of the sides of the house sided. We chose beautiful beveled cedar siding, its really gorgeous. My man is so handy!! Arent I lucky?? Why yes I am!!! Okay so, this is the last shot of the ol blue pacific as we were leaving, the temp on the truck says 28, and that cold for the beach! And me..Hope you all enjoyed the trip.. Buckle up, so we can get home fast.. Im FREEZING!!!


PLO said...

Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment on my blog...YOU rock! Dungeness Crab season? Can I come and stay with you? You will see on my tag, crab legs are one of my faves. I am loving your idea of sending the glasses on a trip to my bloggie friends! I think we need a picture of you singing after a few cocktails!!! Rock on fellow '80's high schooler!

Bristol said...

Lisa- That post cracked me up.The beach house is taking shape. Looks like a beautiful day there.
You didn't get into any trouble in those high school days~~~

Lisa said...

Seems as though you gals think you know me a little too well...All this hair piling and reminiscing about pink eyeshadow is making me want to dig out my duran duran casettes....anyone want to join me, say, in RIO???

Martha said...

Ha haaaaaa!

I can't believe how wonderful your little Coastal Nest looks!!!

By the way? I heard RATT on the radio the other day :)

Mrs. Jones said...

I think I want to live there. :-)

Mrs. Jones said...

I was a big time durannee. I can't believe they still play Ratt, though. :-0

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I could come and visit you and your beach house. It would be such fun to be clean up crew together. Even better, I wish I could come and BUY your little beach house when you put it on the market. Wouldn't that be lovely??

Lisa said...

dont tease me like that! Although, we (and all you girls) COULD have a VERY rockin weekend. I know Michelles in Seattle and the dreaded Elizabeth Hill "says" shes comin out this summer....HMMMM
PLO, you in for a road trip?
Bristol? I KNOW you need a vacation.....Oh my goodness, wed probably burn down the coastal nest!!!! What fun this could be

Anonymous said...

I'll bring the marshmallows!