Thursday, January 24, 2008

The coastal nest and the crackheads....grrrrr

I know it looks under construction, thats because it is! The doors are locked and the windows are LOCKED!!! Dosent that mean, keep out??? Dosent that mean dont come in and take my stuff? This is not your property-stay out..
Well, I guess it had to happen sometime. Keeping the honest people out was easy, in the summer time it was always easy..too many people around to get caught. Nope, not last night..I am sad to say that my moderately secure cute little coastal nest out at the beach has been broken into....grrrr.... GRRRRR.. BobVilla is so funny, things like this just roll off of his back. "Honey" he says, "you cant do anything about it"...going on..."If they want in bad enough, they will find a way..."

THEY???THEY!!!!! I am so sick of other people thinking that my stuff is their stuff. Those"alley cruisin, bike riders" you know who they are, I am sure they are in your neighborhood too, helping themselves to your stuff. Hanging around in the shadows. Those crack heads. Im sick of it- and them. I am sorry if I sound harsh, but WE bought the items they are ours. So, now we have security. Good security, too. I am happy to say we have our first sleep over guest, and he is irritated, too. "He" shall be nameless, as it makes the story a bit juicier, dont you think. He, will be prepared, for anything--
The electrical was being installed today, this means the crack heads are lurking in the tall sea grass, waiting to pounce, to capture the copper wire,the motherload, of all things. to rip out the wire that was just installed, drag it down the street to get enough money at the local "dealer" to trade it in for a dime bag, I guess, I really dont know what they get for it. I just know they want it. GET A JOB!!!

So, all you girls wanting to come on a vacation, bring your blow up matress, your camping out sleeping bag, and some heavy rocks in a pair of your hubbys socks. Its going to be fun!!
Campin coastalnest style..Giddyup.


Cottage Magpie said...

Yipes! That's awful! You get 'em, girl! Or better yet, have your dog get 'em, just in case one of them is nuts. Either way, I hope your too-cute-place-to-be stays safe!
~Angela :-)

Bristol said...

Lisa- That stinks!! I can send my hubby the cop out there to stand guard:) I think we were sisters seperated at birth. I act the same way and it rolls right off my husbands back. I guess that is good, huh. It is 8:22a and I am battling with my 4 year old over brownies for breakfast, talk to you later!!

Anonymous said...

How about a roll of quarters instead of the rocks? I once had jury duty, and as part of security, my purse was searched. Now, I rarely carry a purse - maybe twice a year. With 5 littles I tend toward a community tote bag. So, there was nothing in my purse - NADA. My keys, sunglasses and a roll of quarters (the only cash we had that morning for parking $$.) I was informed very politely by a uniformed sherrif's deputy that I ws not allowed to have a roll of quarters. You see, if I put them in a sock and swung them around my head like shot put star - they could be weapon. All well and good - except I wasn't wearing socks! Barefoot in sandals. So there you go. Currency works, too.

Sarah said...

Oh man. I would feel the same as you...people are so dumb some times.. I hope they get theirs someday. I hope your nest is safe now!