Monday, January 14, 2008

The wheels of progress turn slowly, my friends...

I am so disgusted. FURIOUS in fact- so, please be aware that a rant will ensue. I am sorry, I just have to.......
THE INSURANCE "GAME" S U C K S!!!! BIG TIME. I cannot believe that we STILL to this very day, January 14Th @ 4:30pm west coast time,(wind storm was Dec 3rd, mind you) we still have not heard anything from our adjuster. Only to let us know that is our RESPONSIBILITY to secure the roof, which If you remember, is laying on the ground in our parking lot like a wet newspaper. My dad has had a very large construction company atop the building 4 times, its still leaking like a sieve. EVERy Day we go and empty the many many buckets of water that have found their way to the floor, everyday we hear nothing. Let it be known that we have dutifully followed the instructions of "him" almighty insurance adjuster- the first time "he" appeared, 5 days after the storm. Still no phone calls, no return calls and no response. I AM GETTING TIRED OF STAYING IN LIMBO MODE! Save the building, dont save the building. The stress on my parents is unbelievable, kind of like one of those life changing moments where you wake up and your hair is white- and when you went to sleep your hair was brown. You know the folklore, I can see the wrinkles and stress on them everyday- new. It is shameless and "insurance man" should be spanked-hard. We are waiting.........still..
Thanks, I feel better-a little


Muddling Through said...

I AM sorry! It always hurts so much more when it's someone you love and you can't do a thing about it.

Tell you what, we'll pray.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Just wanted to say sorry about the insurance, we went through the same thing this summer with our insurance. SUCKS. BTW I am loving your before and after photos in your newest post! So pretty!