Friday, January 25, 2008

My littlest Treasure Happy Birthday Rea..

Happy Birthday Reagan!

There are so many things in the world I am blessed by, I could go on and on. About 3 years and 8 months ago, I (we) were blown away by the news that, oh, what???? we're pregnant! again? ARe YoU SuRE??

Another little blessing...

You see, as the story of Mr and Mrs Villa goes, we could try as hard as we wanted, but children would be a hard go.."Chronic non ovulator" written across my forehead in big red pen. The days at the fertility doctor just ran into one another. Many many months on clomid and all different kinds of "helper" drugs were purcha$ed and purcha$ed, to no avail. We were heartsick and I knew that soon, BV would be wanting out, wow-Ive never said that before. But, he was from a very large family and was just itching to be a Daddy. Who could blame him, hes perfect at it!

Anyway, we had to quit it. We were so in debt that we needed to refinance our house to pay the Dr bills that didnt get us anywhere. I was near crazy, thinking that I wouldnt have any kids, and soon- be left, for a "womb- able to deliver" we paid off our bills and decided to get a few extra $$ and do what, you ask? Well, it was mr and mrs Vs first renovation! We were in hog heaven working side by side, ripping out walls-and making a good marital foundation. My fears of being left-to be by myself faded away. A few months into the overly ambitious renovation-guess what. Lisa got pregnant!!! Yes, all my myself- okay, I had help. BV was with me all the way:)

Ryan Jay was born 9 months later, we were extatic.The kind of extatic that makes you walk around on air for months and months. I finally had my family. End of story..Right? Welllllll.

Flash forward to 2003 Miracle city, mr and mrsV concieved-again, all by ourselves- Finn Patrick was my little 10 pounder rolly polly angel from heaven! This really couldnt get any better. EXCEPT for 9 months later..WHAt? what the...Im a chronic non ovulator! This cant be happening?! BV gets his walking on air shoes on again. We are extatic! Irish twins..

The photo finish. My sweet Darling little lady,petite 7 pound cherub entered our lives

(and mommy got a tubal for her 40th birthday!!)

This life couldnt get any better, I am a woman complete. All goes to show you...

Just what thinks that little old ant, think he can move that rubber tree plant?

Everyone knows an ant- CANT- move a rubber tree plant

everyone, sing.. But shes got--HIGH HOPES!!

Happy Happy Birthday my little darling, you are the sunshine and rainbows in all our lives. We love you to the moon and back. and then some...

These milestones in their lives, their birthdays are so special to me, they are certainly the best thing in my life.

my peeps, my loves. My little slice of heaven on earth, AMEN!



Muddling Through said...

Oh, how sweet! I love a happy ending:)

Bristol said...

Happy Birthday to the sweet Reagan.
I have a similar story with Griffin. Seven years after being married and trying it just happened~ But one is enough for me!

Martha said...

Oh, happy birthday to your girl!!!

What a great story! You were meant to be a Mommy!


PLO said...

Happy Birthday precious one! What a wonderful didn't think you would have one, and now you have three!!!! Aint life grand! PS: Reagan you have the same birthday as Mr. Forcryeye!!!

Sarah said...

What a great story! Happy birthday to your little one!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

You are a lucky lady! Reagan is a beautiful name (and little girl!)

I loved the tour of your beach house town!

PLO said...

Go to the airport, fly to O'Hare and the Huntley Hotties will pick you up. We will "pretend" we are having book club, but we will really take you to the local dive bar and have some cocktails, and only God knows what other trouble we will get in to!

Rising Rainbow said...

My son and DIL went through this. I have no idea how much it cost. But they gave up and went years and then went 1, 2 and 3 within less than three year. Now they're practicing birth control.