Sunday, October 21, 2007

Victoria Bliss!!!!

When I came home from work on Friday, after unloading countless boxes of Roasting Chestnut candles, Chocolate body butter lotion, The best Barefoot Contessa quick mixes, and gorgeous red Amaryllis pots-I was only hoping for one thing. 15 minutes to myself!

I have exactly 20 minutes, more or less, after work- between the time I take off the"worker bee, box unpack-er, interior decorator, retail gal, friend to all, hat," and put on the "fun mommy, attentive wife, household keeper together-er, and general cleaner upper, hat." I CHERISH a rest, I am not complaining, I love my terrific job. Its a blast but mommy needed to sit down for heavens sakes!!

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I opened my mail closet to find a good friend lying at my feet among the bills and the junk mail, it was VICTORIA! I knew that she was in the works, I got a pre subscribtion solitation in the mail a few months prior, but today she caught me totally off guard and boy, was she a refresher. Still taking fantastic photographs and wearing the most beautiful stylish clothes (my friend cottagenest jenn will love) I was so happy to see her, guess what, I didnt even sit down for my break, I whisked myself to the kitchen, poured myself a wonderful glass of merlot and stood at the counter and savored a few moments of my precious moments with a long lost good friend, its like she hasnt left!

Do youself a favor, if you havent already, go and have a visit with a long lost friend. Shes back and better than ever and waiting at your favorite news stand for you to come and pick her up! You'll be glad you did. Have a great day, girlfriends!


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Wasn't it a relief to finally get your copy? I felt like I had been waiting for years. So glad you got to have that "me" time.

Cottage by the River said...

Lisa- Well I am going to get a copy you talked me into it. I am totally down the same road. But awhh that few minutes of me time, they are golden.
I had to work today so I took my new country living and took some me time while eating my lunch! Everyone must have got the idea because they left me alone!!!!
Have a great week. And I raise my glass of chardonay to you for ME TIME.

chelle said...

Just bouncing over from Jen's Cottage Nest, to take a spin around your lovely blog for the first time. I also live in the Northwest. And just wanted to say, " nice to meet you, have a lovely little day."

Deb said...

Victoria magazine hasn't arrived yet in Canada - I'm looking forward to finding it ... just in time for the holidays :-}

just lisa said...

Okay, Lisa, now I have to go get a copy too! I know all about working all day, coming home, cooking cleaning, running kids around, etc.. my time is usually after everyone is in bed.

I'm happy you had your magazine to come home to! Have a wonderful week and try to find more time for "you"!