Sunday, October 28, 2007

I ADORE.......

Style editor for Cottage Living magazine, Heather Chadduck has got it nailed down! This girl really knows how to renovate, remodel and rescue anything she comes in contact with. I adore all that she touches. There is a certain style, I would call it traditional relaxed, with a twist of lemon. I could only dream of being this kind of decorator.

One would have to only visit cottage living online or go buy one of the magazines to be in love with this girls style. Last winter when I received the magazine that had her home published (that these photos are from ) I began my crush on her style. This fireplace that she transformed with oyster shells just sent me over the top. I realized that I had to find an outlet for my desire to create this type of look. Hence, we now have the beach house renovation going on. (thanks, Heather) I will be starting my kitchen backsplash off in this same type of look. Hopefully, as you can imagine, It will come out as fabulous as hers did. It is a very small kitchen wish me luck. I will be sure to blog the photos.

Iadore the simple elegant traditional relaxed way she goes about the details. If you google her, you can find some fabulous rooms, from her house, to friends homes to clients. I simply cannot wait for my cottage living magazine to come each month. It is by far and away the best resource out there for my style, and I think the style of alot of us cottage gals, by the way. Not over the top expensive, but things that you might run into every day on those treasure hunts on ebay or even the salvage or junk yard. She has great panache.
It just goes to show you, how the look you want to acheive is easy to find, if you have it in your mind what you are searching for, be patient. It will find you. After all, the reward is in the hunt.