Friday, October 12, 2007

My new tray

Well, I have to admit, I know I have a problem. Is there a group for overbuyers anonamous? I cannot STAND it. Everyday, I go to work (my mom owns an interiors store) unload tons of boxes with the best stuff for a gals house you have ever seen. It makes me crazy. I could open my OWN store with all the stuff I have. Here is the latest thing. I lost my breath when I opened this. I remember it at market, BUT - I dont remember it like this! Lucky for you, I bought two, if you want one let me know. Ill send it out.
I adore buttons, shells, old crackly paint and wood just to name a few elements. This is exactly me. All of my loves combined.It really REALLY looks like an old piece to me. The scalloped edges, right amount of wood showing through and a great crackle. Sometimes they dont get the crackle right. (I am a crackle snob, scary)

Okay, am I obsessing on this thing? My mom threw it in the Birthday pile of presents because she knew I couldnt afford to buy another thing right now,with the cottage renovation gobbling up the money like crazy. She spoils her girl so much. Love ya mom!!

The photos dont do it justice. The shells have some great blue green, brown and cream going on. What do you think? Anyone think its something to obsess on?

Have a great day. Im going to work, I promise I am not going to bring home a thing tonight. i hope..:)


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Girl you can't do that and not even bother to tell us how much that pretty will set us back of we decide we want one!

Actually I have a tray on my coffee table that I've been itching to remake and I think I will use your tray as inspiration. Unless the price is right. Ha!

Deb said...

Hi Lisa
What a pretty tray with the shells along the edge. Lucky you having a mum who owns an interiors store :-}
Have a great weekend.

Lisa said...

Sorry! forgot to tell you how much. sit down, oh you probably are.. $220. For my friends I could go a tad lower. Let me know

Cottage by the River said...

I love it! My Mom spoils me to!!!
You are so lucky your Mom owns a shop. How are your rennovations going? Have a great weekend.

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Well, it is so kind of you to offer me the friends deal but I might just have to pass. I think I can make a reasonable copy for $5 and you know how us craft girls are, if we know we can make something then it is impossible to buy it already made.