Friday, October 5, 2007

Miss October 5th!

Happy Birthday to MEE!!! Today I am celebrating my 42nd (lordy) birthday.

Wow, I can remember waaaaay back in 1985,- with my hair as big and tall as I could get it(Duran Duran style) when I was 20, thinking how old I will be @40!! Never imaging that I would ever have found a husband and 3 kids--let alone have a 2 year old!

How time changes everything...YAY for me, I feel great! My life is just so awesome, 3 beautiful kids, wonderful parents and a really really SUPER hubby, okay- I am gushing. Ill quit before I start to cry..

This Miss October 5th was given to me by awesome mother, Originally Miss October 31st, the ever crafty and thoughtful mom of mine worked some of her magic and...voila, a perfect gift for her oldest girl.

I also wanted to show you the newest addition to the Halloweeen goodies. I love the huge cat the "frightened vegetables" are on. Bethany Lowe is sure quite talented. I have a few of her pieces, as you can see.

I hope everyone has a beautiful October 5th. I will be celebrating this evening with an intimate candlelit dinner for 2 with my best friend and Hubby extrordinaire, Mr Mac. I love you - I love you- I love you! You rock my world and have given me the best life I could ever ask for! Thank you...xoxoxo Lisa


Cottage by the River said...

I hope that you have a great birthday. What a great outlook you have on life!! I love Miss October 5th, very creative Mom. I have one of those to. Enjoy your day!

wovenheart said...

Happy Birthday to you! Your happiness & contentment shine through your words! Hope your day was wonderful!

Love your Halloween decorations!

Jen said...

I hope your day was everything you hoped for. You are certainly a blessed woman. Happy Birthday!