Saturday, September 29, 2007

Before and After.. Then there was a bathroom!!

Here is our back entry "mudroom" (area for lack of a better word,) as we purchased the house 2 years ago. On the very left, in front of that beautiful "orange" formica topped bank of drawers, is the entry from the garage, which you cannot see. The sauna straight ahead. The heat source in our old house is radiant heat water filled radiators- cozy, but very hard to move. This will be the tricky part for the bathroom, that radiator. A door out to the patio on the right, and where the washer and dryer should be just beyond the utility sink. Isnt it just AWFUL, besides being very un-userfriendly. We never sauna, its full of boxes yet to be unpacked from our move. The door is going to get taken out and moved to the kitchen for easier access to the patio.
Sauna is gone, dear hubby found a nice spot for a window, which was covered up by the "sauna people" the radiator is in that wall to the right, perfect spot for it. Tub and shower is on the left of dear hubs and toilet just on the other side of the radiator wall. Looking good Daddy!!
Ta-da!! Although there are a few things we need to get finished, mostly the flooring and a nice linen closet (opposite the vanity, there) I am thrilled on how this little renovation has turned out.It has added a ton of re-sellability(as if Id ever move again) and I absolutely crave the nice natural light that comes in through the new window.
We added a little wall heater, for comfort. When we turn it on, which is rarely, it gives the most delightful warmth to that toilet! goodness sakes, luxurious, I feel like Ms Trump, heated toilet.- ha ha. I love that light flowing in- Pacific Northwesters can never have too much sunlight.
Here is the vanity I chose, Its kind of a large one, but it fits the space well- has lots of storage for tub toys, toilet paper, tooth brushes, towels ect. One project down(almost) and more in the wings. Next stop- the laundry-mudroom! Get your tools ready daddy- Ive got the plans in my head :)

What do you think?


Becka said...

Wow, it looks really great!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hello new to your blog! Love your new pretty. Will be back to visit. cherry

wovenheart said...

Oh Goodie!! Not sure how I landed upon your blog but several months ago found your 'new' beach cottage pictures on flickr and through another blog (I think) found you again!

We love the coast of WA and try to get there 4 or more times a year. Not sure exactly where you are but we usually head to Ocean Shores and surrounding beaches. How wonderful to be that close to our beloved Pacific!

Looking forward to more entries in your blog. Okay, now I'm slightly confused - I'm thinking the pictures your showing on your blog is of your home that's not the beach home?

Hope you're having a great fall Monday!~Dona

Cottage by the River said...

Your house looks wonderful. I just started blogging and found your site. have a great week.


Lisa said...

Hi Girls,
I really REALLY appreciate you all stopping by, isnt this fun? I could really get into this blogging thing. My photos that you see of anything that has "walls and decoration" is the home that I share with my sweet3 and hubby extrordinaire- anything that you see posted that is grimey and all "woodish and bare" is the beach house-yes, still definately under construction. I am cracking that whip on my dear husband, but alas, he can go as fast as his feet can take him. Its a labor of love and cant rush a dream.

Thanks again for stopping by!!
here at the coastalnest

wovenheart said...

Thanks Lisa for your nice comment on flickr! Looking forward to seeing your progress on the beach cottage! Pacific Beach sounds familiar - I'm sure we've been there or through on our way to the coast at some point! How I envy you to have a new creative spot to decorate - especially 'beachy'! I ran out of horizontal 'display' real estate quite a few years ago:) I sell a lot of vintage beach 'treasures' at a few spaces I rent - let me know if I can keep my eye on anything special that you might just need for your cottage!~Dona

Jen said...

I am totally wowed! You guys did an amazing transformation.