Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The princess and the "Big Girl Bedroom"

Here is my latest addition to the coastal nest, my little sweetie pies room. She will only be 3 in January, now that I look at the photos, this room might be a tad bit old for her. I couldnt wait for morning for good daylight pictures. Probably should have.

She will not be sleeping in this bedroom as of yet. She likes our bed much to much to be wanting to sleep in this old room.

Hmmm, maybe this could be MY room!

I love a soft yellow in bedrooms. So lovely to wake up in the morning, even if it is pouring rain.

The wainscotted paneling at Home Depot is the best! I love it and have added alot of it in the coastal nest.

I also have had this darling little white distressed curio for a lot of years, decided to get it out of the "garage" (shop, overstock, storage) and dust her off and let her be loved once again. You cannot really see what is in it, darling tea set, small peter rabbit series with white doggie book ends and a really fabulous _R_ I found in my travels. I loved the way it turned out.

Reas bedside table is covered in a very old circular matelesse table cloth I picked up for a pittance on ebay even before she was born. I believe it was to go under tablecloths for a nice cushion (mom clued me in on that one) She said it was very elegant to be able to rest your wrists on the edges of the dining table and feel a little bit of fluffiness, heavens dont bruise the wrists!!

The photos really didnt turn out that well, just wanted to get them out here so you could see what I have been up to.

Except for this one here,My little dolly!! Take care everyone.

Thanks for stopping by!!


nannykim said...

wonderful!! I have always loved all shades of yellow for the walls in rooms and I especially love yellow and white together, which is what you have done. I once had a room like that and it was so cheerful. Your room looks so happy and crisp clean type feel to it--love it!!!

Jen said...

Do you use the beadboard sheets? I want to use them in my mudroom and in the girls bathroom for sure. I have used it on the back of our breakfast bar too. I just can't get enough. I love that curio cabinet. I'm looking for something exactly like it for my little one's room.

Lisa said...

Yes Jen
... beadboard panneling @Home Depot. i really wish I could afford the other "original" beadboard, but alas- $$$. The paneling,Its sooo easy to install, we even hung it on the cieling in the kitchen! Love it. Recommend it highly!!

megan said...

Ooooo, this bedroom is very inviting! I like it alot.