Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ode to SeaWorthy....

 as some of you may, or may not know..I had a sweet little space up in Snohomish, she was hip and happening ..and well, took over my life for a while.
I loved her, and she loved me..SeaWorthy wanted me to run wild across the land near and far. Cmon, SeaWorthy would whisper..the kids are at school, that husband of yours is at work and weve got the whole day!
we had a blast, her and I..finding the most fun in the dustiest and mustiest of spaces..Carrying on with the real pickers of the harbor..which, to be for realz..is a motley crew, for sure..we said ALRIGHT when the husband took a big interest and thought it would be fun to hang..so it was a threesome..he I and ol SeaWorthy..

 but somewhere between Aberdeen and Snohomish we quit talking..the long rides in the truck were starting to take its toll on ol SeaWorthy..she got irritated when she had to sit in the truck for 3 hours each way, sometimes even more..We tried to talk her out of her funk, Steve and I..but it was to no avail. SeaWorthy was out of gas and didnt want to play anymore..I just cant do it full time, Lisa..she said to me one day..SeaWorthy was really sad and could hardly look at me once those words came out of her mouth.,, Steve, I think was relieved..The time and effort she was taking out of the family were starting to show..

The deed was done..we were no more a threesome..I tried to hang on to the fun..I really did..She whispered to me that she would love to come out and play at some vintage shows, but she just couldnt keep on the road or keep up the pace..I agreed and told her it would be alright..

We had so much fun..we both agreed as we wiped off our tear stained cheeks..
We can go online!!..she said with a bit of a uptick in her voice..alright, I told her, hesitantly..we have made an etsy shop together..to try and see if we cant keep the gig alive..

Time will tell, I told her with a smile..so for now shes living in my dining room..shes got alot of shat, that seaworthy girl..but I like her close to home. I think she dosent mind it either..
If you are in need of some of her stuff, give me a holler..I will get ahold of her for you..She told me she knows I will never give it up..I agreed.
But for now, shes got her feet up..loving the view shes got of all the snow outside and the kids playing in the yard..

I love her so..that girl..


House Revivals said...

Good luck with your Etsy shop! Sometimes we have to take a step back and simplify a bit, at least for a while.

liz Le Dorze said...

Absolutely LOVELY!! I sooo enjoyed reading this!! :) xoxo - liz

Amber Rose said...

I'm not gonna lie.. I miss that girl being up in Snohomish..laughs..drinks..red lipstick and all:) BUT (always with the buts!) Now when I do get to see her red stained lips I will be all the more grateful and maybe we will just have to linger a bit longer over that dinner and drinks to slow the moment down.

You are a marvelous marvelous lady Seaworthy!

brick and mortar said...

That's exciting~ I quit my job and I am staying home. Trying to get my but in gear with a blog and etsy shop not working out so well. How have you been? Love the pics.

Kathy said...

Hey gotta do what ya gotta do ..great post..hope you are doing ok in the ice today, still cold and snowing in Gig Harbor