Saturday, January 7, 2012

15 years ago..

Wow..15 years? REally? It is ever so amazing how so many days can roll into weeks, months and then years. I remember every minute.
The dinosaur expertise phase...the absolute drawing phase..not with color crayons..nope. Not Ryan..pen and ink. only. and serious, oh my...
He was and still is the easiest out of all 3 of my beautiful children. The perfect first born.. He is passionate about alot of things, school, not being one of them, but he goes happily and willingly..because of one thing...
Youve got it...
Band..I love him for it..his new obsession along with the constant drum drum drumming in his upstairs bedroom {with a small, teeny tiny dose of insulation} so his mother can hear him CLEARLY.. is a double base pedal..because all the cool kids have one..{{{holy drumming, reader..}}}
He is also begun swimming on the Mens high school team. He is like a fish..a fast, happy fish..amazing.
Im overjoyed..every day, by this little/large man we have raised. Happy, healthy, wealthy (not so much) and wise..(we are working on it, i promise)
He is 15..
He is all that is what I dreamed of in a son..

Thank you for you, Ryan..
mama loves you! Happy Birthday :)

All up to the moon and the stars and all twirly whirly and then all the way back down again..and into your heart.


Jane said...

Oh can I ever relate!!! My Drummer Boy got his first NEW double base pedal at 15...and of course, the bank has to practive at the drummer's home!(Can you hear me, Mom?) Then came the Zildjian cymbals...hen the new kit...then the blank shells so he could design his own...then more, so he could (and did) sell them...and then another new kit...and then... Well, he turned down college soccer scholarships to play music...then the band was beginning to make a name...labels were talking with them...then the lead singer went to Alaska...and my DB? He's running (and buying) a business and coaching a competitive girls' soccer team. He is a wonderful young man and husband. Love those drummer boys!!!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Sweet!! Happy Birthdauy oldest boy!

Just a little something from Judy said...

What a kind tribute to your son. I hope you write that down and store it away for him. Many a young man would wish in his heart for a mother to write something as dear as you did for him. I wish him a very happy birthday. Who knows what great things are in store for his life.

Anita said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Ryan!!! What a great age to be! I ALWAYS think of your sweet family EVERY time we drive to or thru Aberdeen. Even though I don't know you... Funny, huh!?! =) May your 15th year be the best yet! And what an awesome drum set!

Amber Rose said...

LOVE the first pic!!! 15 WOW!! It truly flies by, what a good boy you have raised!