Friday, December 16, 2011

Toy Story...

Buzz and Woody have been a part of this house. Everyone has grown up on the fun loving toys from Andys room.

I am sure you might have a little bit of this at your house, right? I about grabbed my children and left #3, I was so irritated at the whole scary scary part of the incinerator scene..but we stayed-kids covering their own eyes..It all ended well and once in a while I find a potatoe head ear, or another part of the friendly bunch and my heart smiles.. Buzz and Woody..sigh..
Imagine my surprise when I ran across this the other day....Evidentally the boys from Andys room have also grown up! I hear that Woody and Jessie have split up, he quit paying his child support for the 2 little twin cowboys when he saw a few unexplainable texts from his best friend...

All kidding aside, that pinterest is a place to find some strange and fun stuff to share!

Dont worry, Buzz and Woody are still good toys..

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Sallyford said...

I actually found myself wiping away tears at Toy Story 3! I guess I got attached to all these characters since I have brought up seven children with this series! My son Jake was rendered speechless when meeting Woody & Buzz at Disneyworld when he was 4. He is now 18 and still a fan, especiallt when he visits his little brothers who are now at the same age he was. xxx