Tuesday, December 27, 2011

no gifts, please...?

My man, he makes me laugh, cry and get all choked up inside..
We agreed to no buy any gifts for eachother this year..we even did our secret handshake..

But, oh no..
Not him..
He goes and gets me the most amazing camera that I could even imagine..
Canon Rebel T3..with a big ol lense..I know not where to even start.
He is such a good hubby..I love him awful!

I cannot even figure out how to turn it on yet..well..I can turn it on, but..

I will be on my way to super duper photo-girl stardom (..in about 6 months..)
I need a class!

..so full up on love (and lust) for my crazy grey haired man..

Thank you MacDaddy..
I love you to the moon and back.


stephanie said...

I got the exact same camera for Christmas too...when you figure it out, let me know!

jmac said...

Hi There!! just found your blog from Artfully Graced and see you're in WA...my bestest friend ever lives in spokane, I'm from Loosiana. We were just on the phone today thinking of where we could take our girl trip this yr....and then I find your place! We take turns traveling far and this yr is my turn to travel to her...how far is your cottage from spokane? drivable? Oh MY...I think I have just found our new vacation spot!!!!! Precious place you have!
and love your camera..I'm a canon shooter too....D-20!

Jane said...

What a generous, wonderful gift from your "MacDaddy"! He sounds just like mine... No camera this year, but he surprised me with a new beach cruiser. Aren't our men just the best?!!!

I see jmac found you...she's a hoot! (my "twin" with similar names, and so much more...makes us laugh!)
Have a wonderful new year...and take LOTS of photos to share with us...

Heaven's Walk said...

You lucky girl, you! Let me know how you like it. I've been surfing around for a new one and am totally boggled by the choices out there! I'd love to hear your pros and cons about it! :) Have fun playing with it - and looking forward to even more amazing photos! (the pressure is now on.....lol!)

xoxo laurie

Martha said...

Lucky girl!!!! Can't wait to see lots of photos on your blog :)

Millie said...

How fabulous Lisa! I reckon you'll have that baby licked in no time. Happy New Year to you & all the little birdies at the Nest.
Millie xx

Amber Rose said...

Good for YOU!!!!! Maybe I need to come to the beach to show you how to use that thing...whatcha think????