Wednesday, December 21, 2011

do you do it up big??

Its that time!
The time I love.....don't get me wrong, I do love finding that perfect, splendorous present that everyone dreams of receiving from someone special...
I crave a specially wrapped gift more than anything!

I think that the packaging is almost the best part. I have been perfectly OVERDOING my sweet mamas Christmas gift as long as I can remember...I love love love to spoil her rotton. My kids too, but I think its different....

They love to rip and tear and see whats inside, who gives a rip about what the paper or the packaging looks like, I WANT THE LOOT!
{who can blame the little sweethearts?}
I am, however....getting quite sick of this bakers I will be using something completely different and fun..

Merry wrapping, you wonderful splendid strangers that are my friends
I will be having a toddy and going for it

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Linda Lou said...

Merry Christmas Lisa from sunny San Diego-enjoy your family, the food and the magic!