Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Excuse me while I gush....

My sweet little darling is 6 years old today...

Never ever would I have dreamed having a little girl could be such a sweet addition to life.

Born 8 years after her oldest brother and a short 18 months after her younger, she has fit right in, and imagine...
wrapped us ALL around her teeny little fingers..

Reagan Marie

My brown eyed fawn..

Im so happy you are a confident young lady..

 and the apple of your Daddys eye.

by far the smallest little thing I gave birth to at 6.4..compare that to Finn at a whopping 10 lbs..
Two peas in a pod, nonetheless..

(this photo melts my mommy heart!)

You have rounded out this family perfectly..


Thank you for your sweet disposition and perfectly persistant attitude.
you, my dumpling, are sure to go far in this world..

Happy 6th Birthday
to our little angel--
mama (and daddy, too)


plo said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl! I have a handsome 6 year old I would like to introduce you to! :) You share my Hubby's birthday too! Hope your Mama will make it magical! xoxo Make sure she gives you both those kisses and hugs from me!!!

glamour said...

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Laurie Anne said...

Happy Birthday to your little sweetie pie :0)

Sarah said...

6 already?? Mine will be6 on 2/22. Me, you and PLO gal would have made a fun preggy crowd, right??? Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!!!