Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ticket Tablet Man

Ive seen him, trolling the school zones, hiding in the "inconspicuous" spots..Him and his fancy smanchy navy blue Ford Expedition.
I have even sung his praises to my children while they are riding with me..because, you KNOW I am a tad bit of a lead foot..I'm trying to do better, really honestly I have been. Heck, I have even been buckling up lately.--Thank you, I know.  
But yesterday..Yesterday I was coming down a HILL..after a house call with a girlfriend..We were getting her entry in order. Its going to be awesome, by the way..anyhoo--  back to my story.
After going right by him, not really thinking one bit about my speed, because I was thinking about what I had just accomplished at my girlfriends house..he whipped out of his hiding place and chased after me with his red and blue interior lights just a flashing.
This is just what I needed today. Coming from a total high of a decorating trifecta to getting pulled over.
He strolled up to the ultra conservative white Honda Odyssey and asked me why I was going so fast..
So fast? I say?
Yes, was his were going 37 in a 25.
total buzz kill...
25 down a hill.
guess how much THAT was worth..
I'm ashamed to say, I will not be giving "officer undercover"  the thumbs up when I see him around my town anymore..

I will be using another finger.
Undercover, of course..


Heaven's Walk said...

OMGosh! LOL! What a hoot! Great story! He must'ave needed his quota for the day or something......

~ Laurie

simpledaisy said...

Too funny!!!!

Millie said...

I'm hearing you girlfriend!
Millie ^_^

vintage girl at heart said...

that sux but he is a hottie....not $157 worth but.....

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

LOL!! Great story - I needed a good laugh this morning.

Have a beachy & wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea
"Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle"

liveitupalittle said...

Love the story...have had the same thing happen.