Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From Brown to Blonde, the Bootie, the Berries and the Bedroom..VaVoooom!

I didn't know you could click so fast..
Here is the sweet little beach house. I know, I know..I thought you might like to see how cute it is right at this very minute. Nice, wouldn't you say? I crave CRAVE CRAVE the new bedding..

Can you feel the sunshine???
Well, its not THAT still have to have a blankey when you drink your beers outdoors. Cmon, its the Great Pacific Northwest, people..
That does mean we are close to ALASKA, no I cant see it from here, but we do have the deadliest catch..well, sorta. These dudes were very close to the shore, gettin their crab pots.
Here's the booty..Beach booty..not MY booty..sheeeeeeesh.
Berries, mmmm, my girl is addicted to strawberries right now. Her lips are stained the perfect color.

Then theres this. Some would say drastic. Its just the way I roll.. I'm not sure about the "inappropriate"  pose, but you get the idea. Blonde is the call of the day. My mom thinks I should never EVER have dark hair. 
Hmmmm, I kinda like both.

--by the way..Count down to Farm Chicks has begun. I'm very excited...

you going?


Cutzi said...

Ohhhh.... I will be there some day. Love it.

And the bedding? Dwell?

I like the hair too. Both of them. The blonde is fun. With the dark and I can totally tell how much you look like your little sweetie girl.

Kathy said...

Where did you get the bedding? I crave it too! Is the new store open in the old building yet? We are planning a visit there and I was wondering if you are back in the old spot?

SeaWorthy said...

TOTALLY Dwell, from Target..

Still in the old spot, but a gigantic 50% off moving sale is going on now.

Cutz, I heard on the grapevine this might be the last Farm Chicks show..dont know if its a rumor or what,

Maya said...

Love the cottage, the blond hair and the anchor you're wearing!!!

WSU Laura said...

7 days and counting my bus riding friend! You look fabulous as a blonde or as a brunette, now have you tried red????

Millie said...

The beach cottage is looking so gorgeous Lisa, I just want to book it for next weekend, I'll go check that my passport is current. I do like the va va va voom blonde look!
Millie ^_^