Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tsunami fishing, a beach craft (as if) and a little more...a RE post from a few years ago..

First off, can I say I have the best ever houseguests/vacationers come to
That said, I would like to point out that they leave me treasures beyond treasures from the sea
(and some from their little doggies, but we wont go there)
Above photo, we have driftwood..all shapes and all sizes. Enough to start a lovely smokey campfire out in the back, we do it all the time..But I said to myself..self, what can you do with all the treasures? The folks thought they were neat enough to drag back from their adventures on the beach, but didnt take any home for themselves, so..I got a hot idea, made it up myself..ReALLy...not really. I started by collecting lint from the dryer and spinning it into twine..REALLY!
(not really)

I begged to use the old drill from my sweet man and spent the morning at Coastal Nest last Saturday morning drilling driftwood!
this is what I came up with..

Smarty pants, arent I..

Next up, sand dollar hangy things..
Dont worry, Ill keep you posted..
not really.
Im sure most of you knew that there was an earthquake in Chile..Everyone was warned to stay OFF the BEACH!!
someone didnt get the message..Actually, this was the day AFTER the warnings. I wonder if he caught any fish..No, I didnt ask..Really.

And you can file these under No certain beach attire...
His mothers boots and sweats, no less...
The little lady and her pink cow-girl boots and green peacoat.

and I will round it off with the big man, perfectly equipped with Ipod, to not listen to his mothers ramblings, hands in pockets, perfectly positioned to NOT hold his old mothers hand..the porkpie, perfect for ANY occasion, according to him and his Olympic perfected
god, I love him!


Sylvia said...

I like the way the driftwood craft turned out, cant wait to see the sand dollars creation.

Have a great week,

Maya said...

I adore the hanging driftwood!

I link this to my new blog..., sea you there?!

Sarah said...

Loving the driftwood... purty! Some day I will get out to that Coastal Nest, I swear it!

Janean said...

you ARE a smarty pants! adore the drift wood creation. you'll probably start a nation-wide trend.

Dona said...

Love the driftwood creation! Is your store open for the public? When we visit Ocean Shores next can we swing by and browse?

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

oooh Nice wood! I have something a little like that (I bought from homegoods...from pieces of driftwood from the NW...your neck of the woods)

Love the kidlet photos!

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

love, love, love your driftwood project! i'm sad the beaches around me just don't seem to have any for the taking! but when we go up north, it's always something i go looking for. :)

kanishk said...

Have a great week,
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Elizabeth said...

I love those driftwood hangers! I have started a collection for my next project!

Michelle said...

Your post cracked me up (REALLY!). I want to read more of your posts. I love driftwood... I'm on the opposite coast of you here in the East :) I'm going to follow your blog. I hope you'll stop by my blog and consider following me back!

New England Style

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

So neat and something we could all do! I love it! ♥

Love of the Sea said...

Love the driftwood. This looks pretty easy to do.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I like this idea. You must get a lot more driftwood where you are. I would love to visit the west coast some time. It seems so different then what it's like here in the SE. Did you do anything with all those sand dollars?