Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We are going on a Christmas tree hunt...c'mon!

This weekend was full of fun and festivities here at Coastal Nest...Outdoor lighting from the ever fabulous and always handsome Mr WoNdErFul, who, by the way, is always eager to put out all kinds of fun lights for the kids, he uses all his maddd skilzzz and never ceases to amaze the "older" coastal nest mama.
(Thanks, Daddy!)

I was raised with a Noble Fir Christmas tree, I think every year of my growing up life, my parents always found the perfect tree. One year, when we were a very young family, MY Daddy took us on a Christmas Tree hunt, no, not to the farm, but to the MounTaIns!! I cannot be sure exactly where we were, mind you, what I do remember is my sweet mama getting a little excited about being up in the snow on a frozen mountain. I am sure she had visions of her little family skidding down the logging road and careening (or is it K--areening, who knows--do you notice there is no spell check on the new blogger?? what up with that..spellcheck is Coastal Nests best friend!!) Anyhooooo, It was an exciting trip and my sweet mother was most likely sure we could very well be all dead by lunchtime.--TA DA!! we werent!! Daddy was more than capable..always has been............ always will be..:)
Im totally off track arent I?
Yes, noble is the only tree for Coastal Nest, fresh is only acceptable in this house. Although I am positively SURE that alot of you have those lovely FAKE or iMitation trees, which I am sure are so lovely..I will Never ever go there. EVER. I also know you all are saying, Welllll, this girl is quite the tree snob.hmmmmph.
I know, I can hear you! Im not, do what you please, I am just saying we go the traditional route.Love the smell, love the hunt and love love love the outing with my family!
Wanna come? Get your coat, its 17 degrees out here! brrrrrrrrr.

As we gathered the cute little (and some not so little, look at my big boy!!) troops, my Finn noticed all of the raised crackled frozen dirt, ice going on..

Mamma, look.....

Cool, Finn, just dont eat it..its got dirt in it..

Finn.......mamma said...

oh well..whats a little dirt going to do, eh?

Looks as though we might have found a prospective tree!

Yes, I agree! Shes full, but not tooooo full, Tall, but not toooo tall. nice job Boys!
shall we call the cutting crew??
wait, wait......Whats that Rea? A break?

Here she is in all her beautiful splendor
McElliott Christmas Tree

Hocketts family run Christmas Tree Farm has been growing trees for a long long time. Its so fun to go and see them once a year, they are part of the treasure of the holiday season, to me. Here are some

prospects for next year..Hi guys!!!

and here are some that will be ready to go, maybe in a few years..arent they all perfect and beautiful!?

Really, if you are close to the area and havent been to The Hocketts, stop by..they will totally hook you up.

Merry (start of ) Christmas, reader!!

Thanks for comin' along with us..dont forget to buckle up!


Just a little something from Judy said...

Fun, special traditions like this one make the holidays something our children look forward to. We have so many mountain Christmas tree adventures. This year is different...it is just the two of us, and somehow the trek isn't quite as exciting. I love that you shared this adventure on this gorgeous tree farm. Will you show us the finished product?

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Phew...I was afraid that you were going to take us somewhere like that one couple that went for the tree in the northwest...and didn't get home for three days!

Fresh here too! Miss cutting our own trees, though!

Merry merry, girl!

Cutzi said...

Fresh all the way baby. Unless, of course, I had a child with asthma or something... then I might consider fake.

I've been going for Frasiers the last few years. We always had Dougs when I was growing up - I think that's because we were poor. I think Frasier's a nice happy mesh of full but stiff, defined limbs.

And those are some good tree prices too! I think around here a Noble at tree farm is about $45.

We're going to get ours today!

Linda Lou said...

ALWAYS a real noble fir for us here in San Diego,especially since I grew up with a fake silver tree, so I would not subject my kids to a fake one-how fun you live where trees grow wild!! We just cruise on down to Home Depot and get ourselves a near perfect one for about $60.00!

MissBliss said...

ah... such sweet pictures! love those little rows of trees :)