Sunday, December 6, 2009

Driftwood Stars and Christmas Trees are HERE!!

These have been blowing out of Grand Heron..New stock just in and ready for all you beach lovers!
 Trees are about 3 feet tall and $155 each.
Stars are about 2 feet tall and $115 each.
They are VERY spectacular and wonderfully dimentional.
a few designers are doing amazing things with these pieces.
What would you do?


blushing rose said...

These are very different ... I don't know that I could work with them but they are interesting. Would love to see what someone does do with them.

TTFN ~Marydon
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Millie said...

Love this Lisa - wish I was closer to Grand Heron (but my Visa card doesn't!)
Millie ^_^

vintage girl at heart said...

Oh wow the things I oculd do with these lovlies!!! I would have the stars hanging all over the house from the ceiling or maybe even drapery rods...... and the tress..don't even get me started. I bet y'all have a ball at the shoppe every day!!!

icandy... said...

These are really very cool!
Christina :)