Friday, December 4, 2009

Coastal Living Magazine Review Holiday Issue....

Well, its that time again, dear reader.. As you may know, or not--Miss Coastal Nest has been contacted by Coastal Living Magazine to be a reviewer of their glossy magazine. How could one refuse?
I am a sucker for all things BEACH so it is a perfect fit!

Coastal Living shares where to get the most amazing waterfront seats for the Northern Lights, Mother Nature’s megawatt display of green, blue, red and purple hues. Learn about the aurora borealis and find out where to see them in the United States and around the world.
 If you have ever seen this type of heavenly beauty, then you are a lucky person, indeed. You can read more about it

In 25 Days of Decorating, which is always my favorite, the decorating, you can see new ways to reinvent your Christmas Style. Coastal Living never fails to impress me with their use of color and texture.
Just like in this photo below.
Great punches of bright red and light blue make this room fun and interesting, let alone to open Christmas presents on Christmas day in!!
Lucky kids!

On the other hand, if you like your decorating a tad bit on the neutral side, here is an awesome example of creating Holiday perfection! I adore the silver leaf pinecones mixed with the paperwhites on the mantle.
23 more excellent ideas for how to decorate coastal style are just a click away

What Holiday issue wouldnt be complete without a new recipe or two?
Here was my favorite! Hot Crab and Shrimp dip. mmmmmm--and yes I made it, and it is delicious!
Try any number of the 10 best party starters, Im sure they wont dissapoint!

 Included in Coastal Living’s 75 beach-inspired gifts are 50 amazing finds under $50. Choose from a number of beach accessories, snacks and cooking ingredients, and home d├ęcor or splurge on some fabulous beach bling. Also included are stocking stuffers for $10 or less.

This one, I just happen to have in my shop, and it is even prettier in person..
Contact me, if your interested..I will ship it out for you!
Merry COASTAL Christmas!

I love doing these reviews for Coastal Living and have enjoyed being a subscriber for many years now.
If you love the coast, its definately a magazine for you!


Just a little something from Judy said...

My mother gets this magazine and gives it to me when she is finished reading it. I love the magazine! Everytime I finish reading it I want to head to the coast...East or West. I do think you are a perfect person to give a review on the magazine, and after seeing this post I know I am right.

I do think however, that they need to do a feature on your beach houses, the before and the after. I bet that would be a seller for their magazine.

By the way, you did a great job on reviewing this beautiful magazine. If I had a beach home, I would purchase that mirror.

Jean A said...

Can you please, please, please tell me what color you used on the walls of the living room in the beautiful cottage? I've been looking all over your blog to find it and can't. Of course it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to send a comment, sooooo my abilities are questionable. Love your blog and house. Can't wait to get back to the NW and come see your shop.

SeaWorthy said...

Helll-o Jean!
Its Restful from Behr, home depot..