Friday, June 19, 2009

Can you believe what we are seeing?

Ive temporarily changed the background of my blog to green to express solidarity with those who yearn for freedom in Iran. If you have a blog or website of your own, wont you please consider the same?
As you may or may not be aware, a Presidential election was held in Iran this past weekend. And as many expected, incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was “re-elected” to a second four year term by a substantial margin over reform candidate Mir Hussein Moussavi.
Despite widespread allegations of election fraud, Ahmadinejad and the forces under his control (the Revolutionary Guard, intelligence services, and so on) are moving to consolidate power and quash dissent from the reformists, who advocate greater freedom and a more pragmatic approach to the economy, international relations, and social conditions (including women's rights in particular), and a more conciliatory face to the West.
Many of our fellow .NET developers in Tehran, including Keyvan Nayyeri and Mahdi Taghizadeh, have turned “citizen journalists” and are trying to get the word out about conditions on the ground through services like Twitter, despite deliberate government interruptions of communication and Internet services meant to quell political opposition. Believe it or not, following their tweets has been more enlightening than watching or reading the mainstream media, who don't seem willing or able to devote the time and attention this important story deserves. If you like, you can follow Keyvan and Mahdi on Twitter yourself.
If you live in the USA or any free country; where you are allowed to say what you want, do what you want, elect the leaders you want, read the blogs you want, and march in the streets if you want, then take a couple of minutes and show your support for these brave men and women who want nothing more or less than to enjoy the same freedoms you and I take for granted every single day.
It won’t take much. Put a green background on your blog or website for a week. It’s a small gesture, but it would mean a lot.
Just do it. And be thankful that you can.


Lee Dumond said...

Please know it means a great deal to my dear friends in Iran that you have done this. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Millie said...

Awesome post Lisa - I'm in.
Millie ^_^

jabee said...

Thanks for posting the links. I don't twitter but someone (you) talking about this is important.

I wish there were as many comments to this post as to one about decorating.

Thanks again Lisa.

Frippery said...

So true. If people do not pass the word about what is happening this will continue. In this day of instant information it is hard to believe that leaders can still practice such oppression and disinformation and think the world is unaware. Not sure of the remedy but putting it out there is one way to fight. I am taking a blog break but I will post a link to this post immediately. Thank you, Pam

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Applause to you, we absolutely do take what we have for granted.

Linda Lou said...

Thanks for reminding us for our freedom really means-you rock Lisa!

Mrs. Jones said...

You rock, girl! Love that color.

I love it that the internet has allowed us to see good people in other places of the world, not just what an oppressive regime wants us to see. I'm so sad about what I am seeing there today. May God bless them.


Amy said...

Sometimes the mainstream media actually does not report things on purpose. One of those purposes being that they are aware that the Old Guard of Iran does not know diddly about Twitter, IMing and so forth, i.e. the technologies that allow us in the West and around the world to actually see what is happening.

I very much appreciate your putting this on your site.

P.S. if you want to email me some photos I can see if I can retouch them for you and then send them back until your camera problems are solved.

kSbl said...

i agree! changed my sidebar to green.
thank you for spreading the word about all this. we do take for granted how much freedom we truly do have.

Joyce said...

What a great idea to put green on your blog this week. My DIL is visiting this week and her parents are from Iran so she is keeping a close watch on the TV as her grandmoms live in the city and she is concerned for their safety. BTW I like your blog.