Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hello there, my fine feathered friends..
I am having major camera malfunctions..I have spoken of these in the past.
Irritating to say the least.
I take the photo, but it wont download to Kodak..
Here is a photo of the room for laundry.
I cannot download better photos at this moment.
I think this camera has been with me too long and is taking on a role as a female camera..
shes only going to do what she wants when she wants to.
Just like her owner, I guess.
I know its a dark photo, but ....


Anita said...

Enlarging it lets me see it better! I'm ga-ga over it! Cannot wait to see better pics... Love the paint colors you always pick out! Perfection every time!!! And the way you pull accessories together.

Julie said...

Is there something a little wrong for a laundry room to look so darn cozy?!? :) I ADORE the sink!

Anonymous said...

Is it an SLR or point and shoot? Looks like you have a lens/shutter problem, but it could be a sensor problem. I'd take it to have a pro look it over.

An Accomplished Woman said...

Oh but from what I can see..... adorable. Like you.


kSbl said...

I love that color!
What is the name??? We are also redoing our laundry room/basement rec room, would love to look into that color.

Brighton said...

Very pretty : ) Even dark! This must be the week for laundry rooms, my husband just finished ours. I love that I want to go in there now! Love the sign in yours.

Anonymous said...

he he! wish I could see it better!

Millie said...

I had to squint & peer into the pic Lisa, but I seem to have to do that for most things anyway at my age but my oh my, what I did manage to make out was truly awesome! Compliments & kisses to Bob V. & of course yourself, as the Site Supervisor.
Millie ^_^

Martha said...

You big TEASE!!! C'mon!