Friday, April 24, 2009

Coastal Nest Gardens...kinda...

Hello there! Wanna come outside with me?
Okay...its a little cool this morning, but eh..if you live in the great Northwest, fuggetaboudit..
your use to it by now..
This here is my yard..
for the birds...

for the lady of the house, fave, a good old fashion bleeding heart..

then theres another love..helleborous..Hmmm, did I spell that right? Also the ever fabulous and always showy hosta, which we have quite a few EASY to grow, especially since they are so prolific around here with all our ""moisture and shade..""
that's so not such a great thing, but..slugs..give em a little salt
they will be slime quicker than you can whistle your favorite tune..
I know, don't hate me..i kill a slug now and not PC of me, eh?
(bwaaa ha ha ha ha)

If I didn't, these here little nubs of glory would just be...nubs eaten by slugs..

Ill be out here today..
Ive got a mulch pile calling my name....

and theres nothing my little green friends like more than

DA mulch..

stop by if your in the area..

maybe I have a shovel or a spade for ya..
and after that, who knows..
Its the weekend, peeps..
can you dig it??
Coastal Nest
I know I promised the laundry room photos this week, Ikea neglected to give me one of 3 boxes of a set for the doors to the wardrobe closet... so...laundry room limbo..
next week.


Anonymous said...

Oh those heart shaped flowers are darling!

Love, KSBL said...

I love all the wonderful pics. You captured it very beautifully!

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend!

Michelle said...

Your garden is looking gorgeous. I love the reflection of the trees in the bird bath photo. Happy Weekend!

An Accomplished Woman said...

Oh the pretty things you can grow in your area.... in the south all those pretty things would shrivel and die... Your garden looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.


Sarah said...

Oh oh oh! You know how I looove gardening. YOur little sweeties you sent last year are popping up here :) Such a pretty yard, damn those slugs!

Linda Lou said...

Lovely garden Lisa, so lush and green, is that because you have a lot of RAIN UP THERE????

Have an awesome weekend in the Pacific Northwest

Timi said...

Your yard looks so nice. Makes me wish I liked getting out in ours.

Damn IKEA!

Martha said...




Things are just starting to green up over here.


Just a little something from Judy said...

Lovely garden photos. Your invitation to stop would have been so enjoyable. Beautiful post again. And, I am really looking forward to laundry photos.

Kat said...

Lisa! Your garden looks fabulous!
If you are done spreading your mulch I have a pile waiting for you.

PLO said...

Awww. Lovely garden darlin. I drove past the house today, to see my hosta's and others in bloom. I hope I can salvage some of them. Glad to see you on FB...not that I get there very often anymore either. Soon.

Bellamere Cottage said...

Lovely gardens!


NWlambear said...

How pretty Lisa....Hey...thought of you when going over this website. You should check it out. Using it to search for a beach cottage for my son and his family in Virginia Beach. Let me know what you think...I mean...perhaps using it to rent your lovely beach cottage?