Friday, February 6, 2009

When the oven goes....Pooof!

When it rains, people....well, it pours.
(can I have an amen?)
We have been without an oven for nearly 2 months now. See her, over there, being all sleek and built in, like she owns the place or something? Bob built a perfect little spot for her just to the left of my sink, not more than 3 years ago. All of us were happy, she, however, was a little small for "the family" so, we had our little spats every now and then..the first altercation came when she didn't want to bake cookies on my favorite cookie sheet. See, shes a second hand rose, a hand me down from my Aunt, who was fine with a small oven. I, however had my doubts. I loved her anyway. I went along with storing my large cookie sheets and purchased new "petite" ones, just for "her". Then came Thanksgiving 2 years ago, when I hosted, can you say 27 lovely relatives..Again she spouts off with her smallness. Myself, just slightly irritated, smiled and agreed to have my dear parents cook the turkey a few 2 short blocks away.
Then the day came, I went to "flip her switch" and get her ready for the boys favorite meal,
Pepperoni Toni's Pizza.
Pffft..nothing. Hmmm, I say, silently cursing the little biatch under my breath.
Lets try it again..Nothing. "Boys, you'll have to eat your pizza frozen today..."
(which it totally fine with Finn)
As the day turned into night, and BobVilla came home from his mail route I asked him to look at the sleek little "other woman" for me. Sure, hon..whats wrong? I tell my honey about how she wont ignite and she wont heat up..To make a loooong story short.
The little oven that could..she couldnt. Shes tired, and old..and now shes at the scrap metal place over in Hoquiam..
GOOD RIDDANCE!! I never liked her anyway..
But what to do..We cut the counter top off to make room for her.
I really wasn't down with buying another "trailor size" oven, is what happened.

Remember this cute little orange model from here?
yep, that's caulk gun. Although, this job was small, so the fingers aren't raw.
That hurt!

My ever handy, and uber talented hubby made me a microwave and little appliance center!!

Here she is!
Can you believe that a whole oven fit in that little spot?
good riddance..

and just in case you love my paint, as I do..well here is how I picked her out..all those 3 years ago.
Got out my butter container and matched her right up.
although, its not called Butter.. It IS just like it.
Mellow, soft, warm, cozy. I still absolutely love the color of my kitchen.

although its called

Warm home depot (behr)

see how good it matches?

so now, we cook microwave style!


coastal nest..



Michelle said...

Good work, BV! How long do you think you'll go without an oven?

Anonymous said...

Since when did you take out your oven?? I was just over at your house for Reagens bday and I thought you still had it??? lol maybe im wrong

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Wait...What? No oven?? Can ya do that? Is it legal?? (hee)

I DO love what you did with the appliance area. Real oven in the future...prey tell?

Linda Lou said...

How do you live without an oven Lisa?? Is it take out every night tand lots of Lean Cuisines??

Penny said...

Love what you have done with that spot!

Honey Bend Vintage said...

I love it!. So I am confused are youe getting an oven?

Suzy said...

Ohhh I DO LOVE the butter yellow colour! Yummmm...

jane said...

Oh, Lisa!

I just spent two early (starting at 4:30 am) mornings reading your blog front to back.

I love your pictures, your (2) coastal nests, your adorable HAPPY kids, your hunky husband,your lovely creative family,your giant candelabra, your love of white and cottage style but most of all your humour, zest for life and passion.

I was so sorry about your roof and the Grand Heron. Lord! Now I'm glad I didn't go with that particular insurance company.

I'll be following you now and I'm so glad to have met you.

Coastal Nest. said...

Hey JAnEY!!

Thanks so much for that awesome comment.
Front to back, eh? Thats alot of reading, I really didnt think I was that interesting!

I wish I could find you, or your blog, but I dont get anywhere when I click your name.
email me!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I want one of those little appliance areas. Sweet.